Home sweet home♥

Yes this entry is about my new place. :D
(Finally I know)

Will be showing you guys 3 parts of my new place.
1) BEFORE (When we bought it)

Not going to bore you guys about the process of purchasing (housing price/option fees/collection of keys/etc) just gonna jump straight into the flat, before and after reno.

Okay due to requests (and I feel I really should update this to help anyone of you whom might be considering purchasing a resale flat) - I shall update the hectic details on the entire process.

And I will be using lay-man terms so everyone can understand :P

So how does purchasing a resale flat goes?

1. You have to be eligible to buy a resale flat. There are many conditions you must fulfill before you can, so please check : http://services2.hdb.gov.sg/webapp/BP13EligCheck/BP13SHome?strSystem=CHECK to find out more about this!

2. Finding a flat that is within your budget (to consider - your cash savings, your cpf funds, and the grants available). Note that the price of the flat differs for the number of rooms, the location/amenities and etc.

3. Consider if you should get a housing agent to source a suitable flat for you (they have many "lobangs"), or not.
Do note that housing agents earn 1% commission of the cash money you pay for the flat.
(I.e. Flat owner ask for cash money $40k, housing agent will earn $4k (1% commission) - rate might differ now, please check before engaging.)

4. Get the Option to Purchase from the owner (it's like a formal way of making known to the owner and HDB that you want to purchase the flat) and also request for the housing's valuation. (In order to get a successful bank or hdb loan)

5. Resale Checklist for buyers (Check HDB's site for more info as there are different options based on different case scenarios)

6. Attend two appointments (or more if needed) with HDB : 1st appointment - to submit resale application, 2nd appointment - completion of application/transfer of flat ownership

About the price :

Okay this works quite differently from a BTO flat.

For resale flat, there is an amount called the COV, which is a cash premium that buyers pay in addition to the valuation of an HDB resale flat. 

Example : 
Resale flat cost after valuation by professionals from HDB - $400,000
Owner ask for $40k COV (amount varies according to factors like location/area/amenities,etc).

$400,000 - 10% of the amount have to be paid upfront in cash to HDB while the rest can be paid monthly over up to 30 years repayment scheme with CPF money/cash (if needed).

$40k cash - to be paid to owner of the flat you want to buy


Honestly, the applying of HLE/CPF Grants/Housing Grants are the worst imo.
You really have to read up a lot online before you commit to buying a flat.

1) BEFORE (When we bought it)


Living room

Master Bedroom

2nd Room

Utility room

Master Bedroom's Toilet

2nd Toilet




Living room

Master Bedroom

2nd Room

Store room

Utility room


Do you like our new little humble home? (:

Most of our furnitures are from : IKEA
(Yes there were loads of DIY that we did!)

Most of our inspirations are from : PINTEREST
(Nope we did not hire any interior designers)

My favourite room has got to be the utility room.
We are using it as a "special space" like a mini balcony, for some silent reading/weekends breakfast time/chilling out unlike how others use it as a room for laundry/study/etc.

Many asked why I didn't purchase BTO.

Some of the reasons are simply :
1) BTO flats are smaller - current BTO 3 room flats are approximately 65sqm, whereas mine is 73sqm.
The following are pictures of the floor plans of a BTO flat compared to my current flat



2) I wouldn't say all, but most BTO flats don't have very good locations, but mine will have a MRT station two blocks away up and running by year 2016 (Mayflower Station).

3) It's super hard to option for a BTO flat.
SG govt says that young couples whom are about to get married will get higher chances, but honestly hub and I tried thrice but failed.
Not to mention 25 years ago my parents tried for BTO 7 times but failed (zzz I dont suppose our population was that densed in the past?!?).

4) TBH I feel BTO flats are quite limited, in the sense you dont really have much options.
Say there are new flat projects coming up every 2-3 months?
Then you pick which area is best, but then the areas which you picked might not have the best location in terms of schools/transports/amenities around.
Then when you picked the area and the respective BTO project, you have to wait for a queue number which you might not get, because there will be balloting.
And then even when you get a queue number, it might not favour you as you might not get a good number to pick the unit that you want(the smaller the number the higher the chance of you getting the unit you have been aiming for).
So....we chose to get a resale flat instead, where we can CHOOSE everything from scratch, price/location/with or without amenities/area/etc.

*Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying BTO is not good, just weighing some pros and cons/needs according to my own preferences/opinions.

So...ta-da that's all about it!

Please feel free to drop me any questions at my ask.fm if you want to ask any questions about any housing related stuffs.

Wait up for the next posts :
- wedding
- honeymoon
- birthday celebrations / River Safari


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