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I had a great weekend, what about you?

Some nightlife to distract myself from daily stress etc, Jupiter with the guys, and soggy_leila joined us on and off which was kinda fun because I really never have a chance to see hub and him interact and when they do... Idk but it feels quite funny but "manly" at the same time that it's also kinda weird?!? Hahaha

Okay some pictures..



The girls' favourite


Who wore it better?


Sunday morning was boring for the fact I needed to work.
But aiyah, for my bkk trip all these makeup classes are needed hehe

After the trip guess who came overrrrr......... Yup J hehehe

Went to buy ingredients because this girl wanted to learn how to bake. So cute I'm doubting she ever had home econs lessons can hahaha

Okay so we decided to bake some chocolate chip muffins which is super easy - for the fact we didn't have much time heh

J-beeeeee hahahaha

Our bakes of the day!

Baked, talked and also our usual gossiping.
Then on to dinner with my parents and the in-laws and J had to go too

Dinner was simple but heart-warming as both families get down together.
I would say marriage did teach me a lot - in terms of understanding, tolerance and that it is never just about two but many others too.

Aiyah if you don't understand next time when you get married you will understand la. HAHAHA (As if I'm so experienced LOL)

Simple and a fun weekend.
But I'm really looking forward more to the coming weeks because I'm due to pluck two more of my teeth PLUCKED, braces to be up soon and then my long awaited mid-yr trip.

This year I have so many trips to look forward to - Taiwan with C love and London EOY for my music master-class. #HAPPY

I like this from C hahaha


Anyway just a random thought - how come some people can just live by their lives despite causing hurt to people?

Like backstabbing people?
Like intentionally hurting a friend?
Or cheating on their other halves and act like nothing has happened? And trying means and ways to get away with it?

It makes you doubt like if this person can do this, what kind of a real person this person truly is, even as a friend right?
And worst is their close friends don't even know the shit they do or those dirty secrets they have and despite being so "close" and all?
How come some people are like that? Very real meh?
I don't understand.

Not like it affects me la just irks me but never mind just act blur lol

Okay done with my rantings.
Update soon after I get my two teeth out and my separators on okay? It's on now but I shall update tomorrow hehe if not too many posts irritating uh haha

Weeeee can't wait ok bye !

P.s : Look who's stalking

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