Fight fear for the selfish pain, it was worth it every time;

This very day 2 years ago I accepted your proposal to me when you got down on one knee asking for my hand when we were in bangkok.
It was rather funny, the very first experience we had together sky-dining at one of the tallest building in Bangkok overlooking the entire city.
I vividly remember how beautiful the scene was, and how slightly unhappy I was as I was all dressed-up but ended up having messy hair due to the strong winds.
I remember noticing how different you were when you spoke to me on that day, you were not really yourself and I had no idea why.
I remember asking you to get up when I thought you were kneeling infront of me -.- as I was kinda freaked out.
I also remember the words you said and how happy I was that night, and how lucky I felt.

This very day 1 year ago we said our vows at our ROM.
It was another one of the best days of my life, with you especially, as we exchanged vows at my dream garden wedding experience I have always wanted.
It was a simple event, not much money spent, not lavish nor grand but it was an event I held close in my heart till this very day.
I remember how the day went, I remember how you hugged me and lie your heavy head on my tummy the night before as you looked me in the eye and gave me the brightest smile I've ever seen on you, telling me how excited you were for our big day.
I remember how happy you were when you took my hand, how you tried to make sure this day was perfect and how you said the vows and promised me eternity with your slightly shaky voice.

This very day today, we are officially man and wife for exactly a year.
I can't say that we have had a perfect relationship/marriage - we know how tough our quarrels get and how stubborn the both of us are, but one thing I know for sure is we always fight till the end for one another, through the pain we always say we hate one another as we shouted mean stuffs/words to one another but ended up apologising or holding each other to make things better and work.

I love you for many reasons, and one of them is that you always have had faith in us.
Thank you for believing we are possible, for making things work together and trying to make me happy as you can even when I'm already married to you.
I know I can always count on you till we grow old and die together, and I really cannot imagine slowly seeing wrinkles on another person other than your fat face.

I love you 老公. (:

Happy 1 year wedding anniversary♥

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