Heart to heart♡ + Purpur Singapore

So many things happened in such a short span of time; losing my grandma, things happening in my marriage - good and bad.... and also my plans of starting a new business with the hub.


About losing my grandma, even though I do not live with her, she's still someone I cherish dearly as a family member.
I would think about the best memories I've had with her, the things she said to me, the last look she gave me while on the hospital bed with her eyes wide open and how regretful I am for not visiting her as much as I should over and over again.

Sometimes I feel I have a problem of worrying too much;
I hesitated on visiting her because I was worried she might be grumpy or too tired to entertain me.
And I worry about what I can talk to her about, the conversations we hold - will I bore her?
Or if she was feeling okay, was she unwell and if she needed to rest?

All these held me back; all these stupid mindset/considerations I've had when I should just head on over and just pop by to check up on her.

And now, I'm giving myself time away from visiting my grandpa because I am worried he might be depressed and I don't know what to do.
And I worry if I will be sad going to their place for the fact that I will be once again reminded that grandma is no longer here with us - not living with her makes me feel that it is easier to treat that she is still around; it makes me less sad..

Sigh... reading all these that I've just typed made me feel like a sore loser.


If you've seen my snapchats/instagram posting, you would have known that the husband is going to be away for 40 days. (36 more days to be exact)

Before he left we've had a pretty rocky period.
Many of you might find it shocking to read this because we always seem so happy.

I'm not saying we are not happy; I believe it is completely normal for couples to fall out once in a while, but certain things we both did made me feel quite skeptical about this all that I truly wanted to give up.

I initially thought him being away would give us some kind of time to think,
but honestly this is crap and it's making things even harder.
Okay maybe things were not so bad before he left,
because he did try to make me feel better before he leave.

I am having so many considerations now;
What would I say to him when he's back?
What should I do?
Should I feel sad he's not around or feel okay?
What should I feel so that it is right?

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.
I'm pretty confused, sad and quite hurt inside but I do not know how to put
it all gracefully in words.

Wished I could rip my heart out and put it here so you could all feel how I feel....


About my new business;

Recently the hub found some love in photography.
I found some talent in his photography skills haha.
And so we decided not to put it to waste and to set up an online fashion boutique selling womenswear.

I really really can't wait to launch but I have tons of stuffs to prep for this launch - I want to do it properly so do give me some time!

If you can't wait, head on to HTTP://TACT.SG to leave your emails behind so I could inform you first-hand once we launch okay? (:


Okay done ranting.

Did you get a glimpse/piece of my heart yet?
I hope so even though this entry is really crappy.

But I'm truly on the verge of scream-singing dramatic love songs out loud and crying at the same time. :(

Signing off,






You would have noticed about my recent OOTDs taken donning apparels from PURPUR.

Purpur is a locally-established trend-setting brand with over 7 retail stores nation-wide.
They have been around for about 10 years in the local market now!

Working with Purpur for about 2 months now,
I can say that I am absolutely in love with their apparels!

Their overall style is a balance and mix of everything -
from sweet to cool, minimal to chic; all with a touch of modern sophistication.

With precise details like appreciable quality workmanship and materials, great aesthetic quality and originality in designs, I am super happy and excited each time I get to incoporate Purpur's apparels into my weekly OOTD shoots/Portfolio gallery that I am working hard to maintain.
[More photos in the GALLERY section of my blog; navigate above!]

Thank you PURPUR! :D

Currently they have this really cool feature on their site where you get to shop outfits from various influencers' OOTD shots! (including mine!)

So head on over to PURPUR's site to find out more!
Next week there will be an upcoming promotion of $55 for Mix & Match of bottoms and tops!

Do keep a lookout for that too! :D



  1. Agnes, i am not sure weather ur a christian or not. Let me just quote you a verse which i hope will just bless you andthe peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

    1. Thank you very much for your encouragement, even though I am not christian :)