What's up with me?


If you have been following me/my snaps, you would have known that I just returned from Bangkok about a week ago!

It was a pretty fruitful all-girl trip for me and I'm so thankful to be travelling alongside two of these lovely ladies :D

If you have been following my snaps, and you are keen to know the places to go, here's the list of my MUST-GO places in BANGKOK :

5) CHATUCHAK (Not really sure about this anymore so I shall put it last)

Happy planning! :D


Sigh... he is still about 9 days away from home... :(
Sometimes I really really dislike his job but I have no choice but to
swallow this down for the time being.

Hopefully when he's back we shall have a good talk about what he is going to do in future..

 Missing you 


Also met up with this happy pill countless of times but we always miss a wefie together.
So here it is! 

The one that always acts tough but so lovable hehe 


Anyway, just an update.

Recently I did a music exam (for upgrading purposes) and I was so hoping I could pass with flying colours.
I am a pretty last minute person and tbh I did not study much before my BKK trip hahaha
Wish me luck okay!

Have so many upcoming plans/projects but yet to start as I am doing some planning.
Hopefully it all goes well.

And and and... I'm dyeing my hair colour again this coming wednesday!
Super excited to see what the peeps there at Artica is going to do for me this time round :D


Anyway can anyone enlighten me about buying likes on instagram?
What's the point of it?

To show people that many people DON'T SINCERELY like your photos?

It's so easy to spot likes buyers please;
In fact I follow a few people who buy likes for their photos (paiseh to unfollow if not I really would zzz).

I mean, do you feel happy seeing fake people like your photos instead of real ones?
Doesn't it make you feel so so much better if you see people liking your photos because THEY REALLY DO LIKE IT?

Instagram should totally ban these likes-buying programs.
Oh and please have another instagram clean-up soon to help me rid of the spam followers that are following me!
It is seriously increasing like mad daily and I really am super tired blocking one by one...
I block about 50-100 spam followers a day (I access their profiles personally to see if they are legit accounts) and it is tiring me out.

That said, if you sincerely are following me but I've blocked you, please leave me a comment or drop me an email with your username so I can unblock you. T.T

*rant mode off*


TACT is launching our new collection next week.. so keep your eyes peeled okay!

Okay it's 2.33am now, need my sleep.

Thanks for hearing me rant. 




  1. I see one of my acquaintance who just started out and she bought likes too... Like from 20 on average to 300 on average now. So obvious!! I mean if you wanna buy don't make it so obvious lah, like maybe 100 or something? But 20 to 300 in a few days is too obvious. I don't understand why they would wanna buy likes as well.

    1. Yes Ikr dear!
      And it's even worst when you click in to see the likes because of curiosity.... all the funny names come out =.=
      It's important to stay true to ourselves in this industry - like you! :D
      Thank you for dropping by my dear! <3