My Taobao loots via 65DAIGOU (Youtube Video) | Updates / Instagram issue


Sorry for the bummer, did not manage to upload this video yesterday, so here it is now!

As promised last week in the video I've posted last week on my Taobao shopping vlog/tutorial......


Let's go up close and take a look at the quality and material of the items I've got!
So happy with all of them! :D

P/s : I dance too! xD

There, my three outfits from Taobao via 65Daigou!
Picked them out of the Partner Shops thus the better quality!



Finally I managed to squeeze out some time to do some blogging..

Was super duper busy yesterday that I did not have time to even reply some emails that was sent to me days ago...
Yeap that busy T.T

Busy for?

I can't wait to share when everything is more finalised, but I'm actually really very caught up
with projects and the manufacturing/designing of my new collection series that will be launched hopefully by next year Jan.

There's still a lot of backend work to do and a lot to put together...
I'm throwing a launch party too and so so excited to share with all of you the more details on the 
big plans when it's all more confirmed!


Anyhoos, is launching in 2 more days! 


I was supposed to share regarding my Instagram's captioning/commenting being blocked.
Sorry I did not manage to sit down to write everything down until today... :P

Pic credits to google

What happened was :

On 28/10/2015 at about 10ish at night, I was using my instagram as per usual commenting and liking
on MY OWN FRIENDS' photos.

Was suddenly logged out, and prompted to change my password.

At this moment I was suspecting that something was quite wrong but I just went ahead to reset.
When I logged back in, ta-da, I was blocked.

Simple as this.

I contacted IG countless of times for help, to no avail.
Then I contacted FB that finally have some form of answer.

Took them about 4-5 days to help me solve my problem and they kept assuring me that they managed to 
push my case to a "higher level of priority" to help solve this matter as I kept pressing them haha.


Pic credits to google

Honestly if you ask me, they did not tell me what happened and if someone tried to hack my account or not that's why
they locked me out for a while partially before letting me gain full access to my account again.

But in any case, just use instagram with caution while liking or commenting on photos.
Do not comment or like too many photos at one shot, no matter your own following or not.

Feel free to drop me any emails or questions regarding this if you have!
Will be happy to help!


Love the two of you so very much 
(I still have not have the time to sit down and blog properly about the staycation we had at
Regent Hotel SG, with Cookie. Will do so asap to share about our experience! :D )

Thanks for reading!
Enjoy the video :D



  1. Hi
    I am having exactly the same problem as you also from sudden log out etc.. And I haven't been able to have caption and comment since last Sunday...
    I would like to know how to contact Facebook. The Facebook registered under same email was for personal use and no longer in used.
    Thank you in advance.
    It will be really appreciated if you can help me out.
    My IG is @_h2w_

    1. Hi,

      What I did was to email the Ads Support Team from facebook and told them it was highly urgent and they referred me to the instagram support team.
      Hope this helps!
      I'm sorry it happened to you because I know how terrible you must be feeling now..