Tutorial ft 65DAIGOU : Making Taobao shopping a breeze!


Along the video I've posted, I'm going to share my long-time secret....


I have bought so so many stuffs from Taobao (even some of my house decorations no kidding) and LOADS AND LOADS OF SHOES.

Enough to fill one Ikea cabinet the husband took too long to agree to buy for me to store my "gems".

Some of my purchases from 65Daigou previously :

Top and Skirt

Hat and Romper

Shoes and Bag

Do you know about the 11.11 sales?!

It's like a promotion period / shopping festival on Taobao that is crazier than Singapore's GSS / any Cyber Monday sales / Black Friday sales!

It only happens on the 11th of November every year and LET ME TELL YOU....I WENT CRAZY LAST YEAR THAT I BOUGHT TWO HUGE BOXES WORTH OF ITEMS.

I normally will go and self-collect my items but I had to call for home delivery because the weight was too crazy heavy... HAHAHA.

I have some tips/guide to share in that video tutorial below - WATCH IT AND BE PREPARED FOR YOUR 11.11 SALES!


So one of the things I noticed when my friends buy from Taobao is the lack of faith in the MANY METHODS of shipping that Taobao offers.
According to my friends, they told me that the issue why they are not buying enough from Taobao (hahaha) is because they are not sure which delivery company to choose from, the difference in prices in Air or Sea shipping, the unknown/additional shipping fees and also most importantly - the language barrier.

At first I thought, how difficult can it be?
Until I experienced it myself.
Eh no kidding - most of the chinese words are in 繁體字!?

So I actually "wasted" !@#$%!@# number of years not purchasing from Taobao because of the factors stated above.
Imagine the number of pairs of shoes I could have bought if I found an easier way to shop earlier......

Which brings me to the next point : LET'S ALL START SHOPPING WITH 65DAIGOU.

Honestly they save me tons of trouble when I shop on Taobao with the help of them and it's super addictive can?!?


Okay let me do a comparison for you......

Pros with shopping with an agent like 65DAIGOU :

1) You do not need to liaise with Taobao sellers who communicate in mandarin, 65daigou will do the communication for you if you have any special instruction for your orders.
2) Provide inspection for your item(s) and ensure the item(s) you receive are correct and in good condition(s).
3) Provide repacking and consolidation service which will help to save your shipping costs! 
4) Cheaper shipping rate for economy air and sensitive air shipments
5) Provide sea shipment which is suitable for bulky items.
6) Provide express air via DHL (only 1 to 2 days shipment), at affordable rate of S$4 which is best suited for small urgent parcels!

Pros with shopping with an agent like 65DAIGOU :

Agent fee of 8% to 4%
(depending on your membership status Talk about Taobao direct shipping vs 65daigou)

But the pros overwrite the cons right?!?
So it's not EXACTLY a con?!?


So let's go back to the point on 11.11!

It's like 11 days from now?!?

So why why why should you shop with 65Daigou to get all your Taobao loots on this very special day?!?

 1) 65Daigou has the LOWEST SHIPPING FEE with the BEST DEALS.

They provide the cheapest rate in town with no base charge - 
Check it out here : http://www.65daigou.com/WhyChooseUs#service-rates 

They have TONS of promotions! (I just bought some stuffs a few days ago in lieu with their FREE AGENT FEE promo!), shipping discounts, and even giveaway activities as such on their fb page!

Check this out : 

During 1111 last year, 65daigou had a crazy shipping promotion, S$0 international shipping fee for the 1st 500g + 20% OFF shipping fee!

Free shipping from 9-12 Nov 2014 + 20% off! 

So this year, do stay tuned to them and don't miss such a crazy promotion this time round!
(For updates, do follow their facebook page!)


It is important to know that when we shop online, we have to safeguard ourselves and our money.
We want to purchase items that will reach our hands in one whole piece and that they are in good hands while on the way to reaching us.

65daigou is the pioneer agent of Taobao Singapore and have served thousands of customers.
With their friendly and efficient customer service team to handle any for your enquiries, shipping guarantee policies to give us customer confidence that our parcels are in good hands and also a professional after-sales team to assist us even after our purchases - seriously, what more can we ask for?!


Moreover, say goodbye to hard to read chinese and google translate because 65Daigou's website is so so convenient!
Everything is in English Language so no translation is needed; and did I mention they even have a mobile app that you can use to check your parcel status ANYWHERE YOU ARE so you can even hop over to their office if you wish to collect your parcels asap when it arrives?!

They also provide over 130+ collection points all over Singapore for free self-collection and even home delivery at a very reasonable rate!!

And lastly, 

Even when you are using 65Daigou, you can still choose to either:


Step 1 : Look for the item that you would like to purchase

Step 2: Copy the URL and paste it into the "Buy For Me" box on 65Daigou's site

Step 3: Check out and make payment via various methods (iBanking/ATM/Credit Card/PayPal) 

Step 4: When item arrive in China, Simply submit to ship.



If your chinese is not really good or you cannot read chinese, you can choose to shop Taobao directly from 65daigou which are already grouped into Featured Collections, Hot Category and Partner Shops!


If you still don't understand, fret not!

Check out this video to find out more!

So are you ready to whack and shop it all out on the 11th of November for the annual crazy 

Be smart, confident and happy with your buys!

Head on to HTTP://65DAIGOU.COM to shop now!

Thank you for providing us with such a wonderful service, 

Pics via 65daigou.com.


P/s : Yes my instagram is currently driving me nuts but I'm still in the midst of solving it.
Hopefully this saga will be over soon.
Will blog about this experience once this is over because I myself am not sure what is really going on...

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