Staycation @ Regent Hotel Singapore with @cookiechoooo // Donuts & Flamingoes Party @ Honeyz Paint House

About a month or two ago (yeah that's pretty long ago hahaha) the hubby and I decided to celebrate the end of his overseas detachment at Tindal (Australia) with a staycation.

We decided to not leave Cookie at our parents' this time round and so we brought him along instead.
But of course, we have to find a pet-friendly hotel.

I was quite excited when we just walked in the hotel with Cookie on a leash, just like that.
Seriously #LikeABoss.

We were told at the reception that each room is allowed to have a pet (yes cats allowed too!) not more than 7kg with no additional charges.

But pets have to be litter trained and kept on leashes around the hotel.

 They have iron/ironing boards too! 
But well, it is a 5-star hotel so I guess that's why.

The hotel also provides pet bed, meals, water and bowls for your pets too!

 Cookie the #Boss looking out of the window....

Honestly, the hotel is comfy.
But I do think it needs a little renovation because some of the fixtures/carpets/walls/ceilings looks a little old...

Mini photoshoot in the room hahaha

Yup.. we brought alcohol there xD
Not for dogs don't worry hahaha

A dip in the bathtub! :D

He looks happy but he was pretty scared actually... haha!


 Hehe narcissistic selfie

 Our breakfast the next morning.
Sadly, Cookie is not allowed to join us at the restaurant so we had to leave him in the room.

But I have never seen him so happy ever till the day he went to this staycation along with us.
He was howling with excitement, jumping about, literally shaking with so much eagerness.

Your pooch only has 14-20 years of his life to try this.
Don't wait, take him/her with you on your next staycation! :D

(This is NOT a sponsored post.)
Price we paid : $300++


Last Sunday, Julianna (@ilovebunnynet) hosted a party at Honeyz Paint House called the Donuts & Flamingoes Party for all media friends to drop by and take a look at her new lovely studio/space!

And I am so proud to share that TACT had a mini-showcase and we brought our latest/upcoming pieces along to show everyone! (:

Photo-bombed by Ben HAHA

 I was super impressed with the lovely dessert table by @whimsicalpatisseries!

What a lovely and well-organised party!
Thank you Jul, and congrats to Honeyz Paint House!


Thank you for reading! :D



  1. Agnes, I'm FINALLY visiting your blog, haha.

    The hotel looks absolutely lovely and Cookie is SO adorable! You're looking so stunning in your two piece, too!

    May | THE MAYDEN

    1. Hello May! delighted to see you here! <3 yay thank you for the support! Hopping over to visit yours now <3 :D