Have you heard of Unravel??

It is a real life escape room game where players have to solve some challenging puzzles using logic, observation and the clues around in order to escape from a locked room!

The most interesting thing about Unravel is that this entire concept is based on Singapore - think the history of Singapore revolving around our iconic landmarks from our colourful past!

Many efforts and thoughts were given to designing their rooms, their games and even the wall decor of the outside display of Unravel.

I mean, can you spot how many things that are painted on the walls that reminds us the things that makes us uniquely Singapore??
I must admit I do feel the goosebumps just looking at the wall painting.


As the concept of the rooms are all based on the history of Singapore, I honestly feel that it is extremely relatable to us and this makes Unravel stand out from the rest of the escape room games.

We players are assisting Kai, a former detective that runs a private investigation service to solve the different case files at Unravel.

If you might be keen to organise any team-building events, you will be happy to know that Unravel customise programmes as such for up to 80 pax!
Also, they DO NOT mix groups together in one room/time slot regardless of number of pax, so even if you come in a small group of just 2, you can still have the whole room to yourself!

I like that the peeps at Unravel would want their customers, us, to feel comfortable playing the games with people they are familiar with instead of having the need to coordinate with another random group of people! :D

A glimpse at their notice board where they stuck photos and introductions of their different case files / game rooms really got me interested so let me take you through the 4 different rooms/concepts that they have over at Unravel!

1) CASE FILE #243
(Newly opened since the 18th of February 2016)

October 15th, 1985
The headlines were unreal: “School Cleaner Missing After Student Found Hanged”. The police initially thought the student, Judy Lim, committed suicide as she was found hanging in one of the toilet cubicles. Post-mortem revealed that she was actually strangled and the killer made it look like a suicide. The biggest suspect is the school cleaner who had not reported for work since October 15th. Police spoke to his family and he had not returned home since the night of October 14th.

Are things really that simple? What will the Ouija board reveal to private investigator Kai?

Difficulty: 4 out of 5 stars

2) CASE FILE #191

The call from Kai’s old friend came suddenly. James, a property developer, has recently made the news for plans to redevelop a defunct hospital into a premium condominium. The abandoned hospital has a reputation for being a hangout for cults and rumour has it that sacrificial rituals were held on the premises. To Kai, James reveals a chilling secret: the group of colleagues sent there for a site survey never returned. With his company’s reputation on the line, James pleads for Kai to investigate the matter before the media jumps to unsavoury conclusions.

As Kai races against time to locate James’s missing colleagues, he uncovers a truth more frightening than rumours suggest.

Difficulty: 4 out of 5 stars

3) CASE FILE #129

Kai receives a call for help from a man seeking to clear his grandfather’s name. Accused of being a spy for the Japanese, Mr Tan’s grandfather – a patriotic soldier – passed on labelled a traitor. His last words are a mystery: “The truth is behind the tunnels…”

To unravel the story behind the accusation, Kai traces the words to an abandoned fort, but loses his way in the dark burrows and winding tunnels. As he struggles in his hunt for the truth. Kai eventually stumbles across secrets that were never meant to see the light of day.

The Betrayal involves physical activity and we recommend comfortable clothing and shoes.

Difficulty: 5 out of 5 stars

4) CASE FILE #172

The request is a peculiar one. The object in question is a family heirloom, a wristwatch belonging to a man named Lim—abruptly confiscated by the Japanese during the Occupation. 35 years on, word on the street has it that the Japanese stored valuables in a chamber within the automobile factory where Lim worked. Only one problem: nobody can confirm if this secret chamber exists.

When Lim’s grandson appeals for Kai to locate the family heirloom, Kai sets out to fulfil Lim’s wish……

Difficulty: 3 out of 5 stars

Before we start, we were NOT allowed to bring in anything into the room, including our phones. :P

We were also briefed before we enter the room and given a briefcase containing torches, uv torches, a casefile, a magnifying glass and a walkie talkie.

Things a detective needs to solve his case files! ;D

Guess which room did we play that day?????

I was pretty scared actually.. really didn't know what to expect...

Excerpt from Unravel Singapore's FB page :

The Ouija Board

The Ouija Board also known as Die-Xian (碟仙) using a saucer, Qian-Xian (钱仙) using a coin or Bi-Xian (笔仙) using a pen, is a spirit board marked with the letters of the alphabet, the numbers, the words "yes", "no", "hello" (occasionally), and "goodbye", along with various symbols and graphics. This divination game can be played by anyone at any place, anytime and a wandering spirit is invited.
According to occult historians, the first historical mention of something resembling an Ouija Board was found in China around 1200 B.C. The Chinese would guide a stick around a tray filled with sand to communicate with otherworldly spirits.
Unravel's Advice: Don't engage in any supernatural games if you don't know what you are doing.


We escaped in about 1hr +....
Okay la not so bad right!

But oh my goodness.... so so so many unexpected things happened in the room.
I recalled how everyone's faces looked when we "escaped" the room.

Most of us looked relieved, others were intrigued, tired, still a little shocked...

An hour after the game and after leaving Unravel over dinner, we were STILL DISCUSSING THE PLOT, THE CASE FILE AND THE GAME ITSELF.

It was so good and left so much impression on us all.
Most of all agreed that it was really a wonderful concept and how some things we see in the room can literally be found in our social studies/history textbooks.



After the game, we simply cannot not take a photo right?!?

 Haha note that even their props are of some commonly used Singaporean words/Singlish!

Good game guys!!

I really like how our team worked together to solve the puzzles and literally help one another hand-in-hand like shifting stuffs, etc....
Everyone played such an important role and even though the girls were screaming our lungs out but the guys took it and "protected" us.


My friends and I really enjoyed this session and might go back to play "The Haunting".
I like how Unravel included some horror elements into their games to make it even more compelling.

Detective Aggy "Kai" rates Unravel.... 4.5 STARS OUT OF 5!
The best among all the others I've tried.

Thank you UNRAVEL SG so so much for having us over and letting us try your new room, The Oujia!


Address :
Bugis CUBE
470 North Bridge Road #05-20
Singapore 188735

Telephone: 6802 2514
HP: 8683 8631
Email: kai@unravel.sg

Operating Hours :
12pm – 11pm (Sun – Thurs, Public Holidays)
12pm – 1am (Fri / Sat / Eve of Public Holidays)

Pricing :
Off-peak (Mon to Fri – 12pm to 6pm): $22
Peak (Mon to Fri – 6pm to closing; Sat, Sun & Public Holidays – Full day): $28


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/unravelsg
Instagram : @UNRAVELSG

Remember to like and follow them for any promotions/exciting updates!! :D


Thanks for reading!

Agnes ♥


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