Happy 25th to me.

This is a blog entry dedicated to myself.
To remind myself that life can be good.
To remind myself that even there are downs in life, it can go up.

Super cute to be surprised with a birthday cake by the crazy peeps and we literally drank till dawn.
Thank you all for being there, you know who you are 

25th year old birthday resolutions :
(Can right? Don't necessarily have to be NY resolutions right? :P)

1) Stop being a lazy bum.
Recently I realised I needed more sleep and I cannot wake up on time.
I need a proper alarm clock and life needs to be back on track.

Won't reveal or say more till things get done.

3) Get stronger.
The thing is, I feel too much for people sometimes.
People that I think I can trust actually secretly betraying me behind my back or sulking because they are not happy with me nor my life.
Guess I should open my eyes bigger.
Not everyone can be trusted.


My favourites - last day with my long hair :P


If you follow my Dayre/Snapchat, you would know that the husband brought me to play Golf  at The Big Splash.
Do google Lilliput Golf if you are keen. It's quite cute hahaha! 

So the idea is that you have to complete 18 holes that are of different landmarks in Singapore.
Quite an interesting concept and I love how they incorporated some adorable mechanisms for the different golf holes.

Try to avoid going during the weekends because there are soooooo many kids and it's pretty annoying zzzz.
(This is NOT SPONSORED. We paid)

 Look pro or not?
If you watched my snaps you know how many times I hit the air instead of the ball.

Thank you for the plans and trying to make me happy on my 25th.
Love you! :*

And yes.... I cut my hair!
Super crazy decision made I know... but I just want a change.
A different look.
I'm thinking of dyeing my hair full blonde but maybe not now yet..

 OOTD in my full birthday suit.
Literally the last OOTD in long hair haha.

I look older with long hair right?


When my hair is not styled, it looks like this.
Straight and short.

(Outfit upcoming on http://TACT.sg)

Outfit for dinner with my parents.
I forgot to take photos with them! :(
But hehe at least Mummy made me birds' nest!



(I'm wearing a tube so don't start assuming I'm not clothed like the last time I posted something like that on my IG. xD) 

You know what's the part that I'm not too happy about?
Honestly it's the retainers.

It's SUPER UNCOMFY imo, but thankfully when I wore it I fell asleep straight because I was too tired to bother.
Hopefully all nights will be like this lor.

Wanna see how gross my set of teeth looks before braces???

Looks like some fossil and I burst out laughing when my dentist handed it over to me.

My first proper selfie after my braces were removed.

Okay now I miss my long hair. :(
Please tell me I don't look too bad in my short hair please please please


And thank YOU for reading!



  1. Happy birthday, Aggs! Wish you all the best in your life. A very happy and successful life. And wish your business growing up and up everyday.
    And congrats about the braces! You have a very beautiful smile :)

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

    1. Thank you so so much Riz! Have a lovely week ahead my dear friend! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️