These two weeks have been... HECTIC/CRAZY.

So far I'm taking things quite positively and hanging around with the ones that care helped a lot πŸ˜Š

I'm just going to update segment by segment because if I post everything here it will be really messy.
I'm a pretty organised person πŸ˜

Last Saturday to Monday : Bangkok with the ladies

It was more of a crazy trip than a usual shopping/girls trip.
We partied like cray every night (did you watch my snapchat?😜) and ended up sleeping till early afternoon the next two days haha

Bangkok has become like my second home already lol......
I've been there for about 4 times just this year (and today's just the 1st of August btw).

Thank you all for this amazing trip.
Our first trip but I'm sure it will not be the last.
Love you girls😘

Am heading back there again in September.
Should I do a BKK travel vLog this time to show you all my favourite places to go to? πŸ˜³


Events : Laneige Sparkling Party / Salon Vim Wisma Opening / Michael Trio Love Imprint launch 

Tuesday - Laneige Sparkling Party

So happy to be part of the Laneige Meets Fashion : Laneige x Lucky Chouette event at Bingki Singapore!

This year, Laneige teams up with Lucky Chouette for their limited edition collection combining the latest k-fashion/makeup trends which embodies their stylish and diverse style with the adorable Lucky Chouette owl mascotsπŸŒ™

Hehe Chloe and I enjoying our bingsu! 😊

Really really love the packaging of this series!
Thanks for having me, Laneige Singapore and Touch PR and Events ❤️


Thursday - Salon Vim Wisma Opening

Thank you Elyn for always putting in so much effort in ensuring that I have beautiful hair.

Really grateful to be part of this Salon Vim influencer family 😊
Congrats again on your opening, Salon Vim Wisma!😍


Thursday - Michael Trio Love Imprint series launch

If you are a fan of modern designs, clean lines and jewelry with a minimalist touch, then these artfully engraved customized pieces that tells your special story is for you!

Love love love customisable jewellery and can't wait to lay my hands on my own customized piece!

With the rest of the gorgeous ladies at the event.

With two of the founders of Michael Trio and Ena!

Thank you for having me at this beautiful launch, Michael Trio and Affluence PR!😍


Popped by Z Weddings just next door to look for the ladies as J were to collect her ROM gownπŸ˜™

So coincidental right?
I KNOW! πŸ˜‰
Ended the night with some yummy authentic Korean food πŸ˜‹


Saturday : J and MZ's ROM

Finally, the day that everyone has been waiting for.
Our J is finally hitched!!!!πŸ‘°

Funny that we started hanging out because all four of us, G, L, J and I have partners that are good friends that hang out very often.

It was heart-warming to see our friend of about 5 years (MZ and J) exchanging their vows becoming man and wife πŸ˜™


 My gorgeous kpop superstar friend, L πŸ˜‹

On a side note, huge thanks to Elyn from Salon Vim Wisma for doing this gorgeous hairstyle for me for J's big day!
It was perfect for the setting and everyone agreed that this hairstyle is gorgeous😚

With my darling girls, who are like sisters to me❤️

 Cam-whoring in the toilet lol

And with our gorgeous bride-of-the-day😘😘😘

Have a blissful and wonderful marriage, my dear J!😘


Ended my weekend ❤️

Life's not too bad to me afterallπŸ’–


Thanks for reading!
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Till then!

With love,

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