My Eyebrow Embroidery Experience with Allure Beauty Singapore

Approximately two weeks ago I had an opportunity to re-do my eyebrow embroidery - the last time I did so was about 2-3 years back!

I was really excited this time round because I will have my eyebrows embroidered by the beauticians of Allure Beauty Singapore!

A little information to share about Allure Beauty :

Allure Beauty was founded by Ms Angela Tnee in April 2002, and they aim to be the complete one stop shop for all your beauty needs. 
They provide facial treatments, body treatments, cosmetic procedures and most prominently eyebrow embroidery for customers!

An eyebrow master for more than 20 years, Ms Angela Tnee had transformed thousands of satisfied clients internationally including Singapore by simply designing the perfect brows for them. 
She was also the first person in Singapore to introduce the creative eyebrow embroidery skills using the stroke by stroke techniques which has became Allure Signature Eye Brow.

I walked in without doing my eyebrows and if you look clearly the shape was literally out and it was so inconvenient/tiring for me to have to draw my eyebrows every single day.

So before the beautician started to draw and design my eyebrows for me, she applied some numbing cream on my bare eyebrows first.

I don't feel anything with the numbing cream on and was told that I needed to wait for about 25 minutes for the numbing cream to take effect.

This is because they will be using a blade for the stroke-by-stroke eyebrow embroidery which might hurt quite a bit without the numbing cream.

While waiting let me just take some selfies before I get my eyebrows embroidered ðŸ˜š

*** 25 minutes later ***

The beautician carefully cleaned off the numbing cream and I really cannot feel anything at all - it's a weird numb sensation while she drew and designed my eyebrows for me. ðŸ˜…

I was told that for my face shape, thicker eyebrows will be more suitable for me and also straighter brows can help me achieve a youthful look.

I like how the beautician was really careful and specific in drawing/designing my eyebrows for me, ensuring that both are almost the same and of the same height/length, using the golden ratio method.

And there, this is the final design of my eyebrows, all ready to be semi-permanently embroidered!


I was told that the stroke-by-stroke method is known as the creative eyebrow embroidery - it is not tattoo which explains why it is semi-permanent.

The stroke-by-stroke method is a better way of eyebrow embroidery because it looks real and more natural, mimicking the real fine hairs of our eyebrows!

These shots were taken moments before my eyebrows were embroidered.
I really love the shape and design of my new eyebrows & really excited for the final results!

Right after the embroidery, a calming and soothing "setting" cream was applied on my eyebrows.


And after removing the cream....

I don't even look like I have embroidery done please?!?!

The final results of my eyebrow embroidery :


I know it looks a little dark, but it's just because it is freshly embroidered;
The colour will fade into a more natural shade over the weeks!

So so happy I now have perfect eyebrows without having to worry leaving house without makeup on or having to cater extra time while doing my makeup to do my eyebrows!

And this above is the Golden Ratio method that Allure Beauty beauticians swear by - and of course, used on me by the beautician to design the oh-so-perfect brows for myself!



Photo credits to Allure Beauty Singapore

Approximately two weeks after my eyebrow embroidery with Allure Beauty :

Still perfect-looking, #noeyebrowpencilnoworry!

I must say the entire session was absolutely painless, with no bleeding and no swelling!
I literally donned a whole new look in just a matter of about an hour with no downtime at all!

Thank you so much for giving me fuss-free and pretty eyebrows, Allure Beauty Singapore!

Do check their Facebook Page for any latest promotions and deals!

With love,

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