Vietnam : Danang/Hoi An Trip + Itinerary (PART I)

Hey all!

Sorry I took this long to update about my Vietnam trip as I have been falling sick on and off and with all the workload piling up..... 😭

But anyhoos, busy means good, right? 


DAY 1 - SG to HCMC to Danang


A little wasted that we booked our trip a little tad too late that the air tickets to travel were only available in the with the transit and all....


Touched down in Danang then we headed straight to Bana Hills by taxi which cost us about S$40.

One of the biggest inconvenience is that the hotel is not located at the bottom of the hill, it is located at the top - we had to take a cable car up to the french village and the cable car ticket cost us money too (I can't remember how much).

They were nice enough to let us sit in our own cable car for privacy purposes..but the trip up the hill was super long (and a little scary) to us.

It was pitch-black dark -  no lights and it was cold and it started to rain 😭

When we reached we just felt relieved and quickly rushed to the hotel reception.
Did I mention it was about 7+ to 8pm at that time?

And there were NO ONE else other than us and another couple going up the hill - which later on we found out why. 😖

Anyway, we checked in and immediately went up to our room to check it out.

I was wow-ed by the room because it's quite cute with french elements/details 😍

Left our luggages and went down to have dinner because we were famished!

Was greeted by this sight as we walked past to the restaurant for our buffet dinner.

So gorgeous right?!?😍

Anyway, back to the restaurant!

It's called LA CRIQUE and serves up really nice international buffet.

Pricing was about 350.000VND (S$21) and they have live cooking sections and etc.
We really love the barbecue fishes - served piping hot on the spot and the fishes were really fresh.

Sorry we were too hungry that we didn't really take much photos of the buffet but all in all for the price, it's quite worth it!


One downside about staying the hotel at Mercure French Village Bana Hills is that.... there is really nothing much to do, especially if you are looking at having some activities at night like shopping or visiting a night market.

We do know that there is a night market in Danang but we were informed that the last trip up to the hotel for the cable car is at 9pm (😑 ikr) and technically we are unable to go anywhere.

And worst is there are NO SHOPS and NO CONVENIENCE STORES at Bana Hills so the only food they have is either from the restaurant itself or room service.

Basically, this entire area is like the touristy area in Danang which means yes you have to set aside quite a sum of money to spend here at Bana Hills (hotel/cable car/food/activities and such).

This place is soooooo gorgeous I was in total awe.
It doesn't even look or feel like I'm in Vietnam.

Gorgeous spiral stairs❤️️

We headed to the spa (about 2 mins walk from the hotel) after dinner for a massage.
Quite affordable, about $10-$15 for an hour of leg massage.

Good thing is that this spa closes at 12am.
But the jacuzzi area closes about 8-9pm -.-

Headed back to the hotel for some rest - afterall we've travelled the entire day. 🤷🤷🤷😅


DAY 2 - Danang : Exploring Bana Hills

We didn't wake up early enough that day and started our day about midday (not too bad since there's really nothing much to do at Bana Hills).

We walked and walked and walked and went around taking photos here and there.

The french village is really huge, with many many french-style buildings & architecture.
But most of the buildings are actually empty.

Yes meaning they are mostly just built for show 😂

There are a few restaurants here and there, one flower shop that doesn't really impress me that much but I must say it has a magnificent-looking church.

We did notice a few couples taking their wedding photographs there too.
I'm not really surprised since this place is pretty cold (makeup won't melt LOL) and gorgeous.

Haha he had to too

 Oh hello!

Inside of the church..


 They also had performances throughout the day at the central area where the church is and photography opportunities with the performers.

I kept telling Alex that I'm sure that the Beauty and the Beast movie was shot here HAHA
(But I checked and it wasn't LOL - it was shot in France)

I was prancing around because I was so happy!
The weather was quite good overall - it can get pretty cold when the wind blows but all in all quite okay!
So much so you can see real blooming flowers everywhere 😍


I'm in loveeeeee~~

Haha and we had to take a few couple shots too!


It sometimes can get a little misty too.
Alex said it reminded him of Genting haha.

Basically there are really tons of photo opportunities everywhere and anywhere.
But sadly that's about it.

There's another side of Bana Hills that we did not explore - where Fantasy Park is.
It's supposed to be a place for the thrill-seekers for those park rides and all.

We didn't have the time la basically.
Should have gotten up earlier or maybe we simply spent too much time taking photos 😖

This entire area is HUGE.
And there's just so many people walking around which can be quite a nuisance because they kept photobombing our photos LOL

I wanna re-take my wedding photos leh 😔

Back to the hotel lobby to take some nice shots!

So much feels hor? 😜

Then.... Alex found this place 😱
It's like some hidden crystal cave and it's SO COOL la!

We then decided to head up the top of the hill where we found a very different side of the French Village!

Haha took some more couple shots and some failed ones...


 HAHA I laughed because someone walked down from the other side and was looking at us 😂

Walked further up and we saw many temples - I call it the Zen area.

A more authentic side of Vietnam I would say.
I witnessed the monk asking Alex to remove his shoes when he tried to walk into the temple with shoes on..

So it is a legit temple right at the top of Bana Hills.

 At the highest peak - looking down.

 Haha this cat was just following us around the whole time!

 Meow meow - don't know what they fed him cos he's got a really nice colour!


By the time we got down from the "Zen" area, it was about 6-7plus.
There's really nothing much left to see as the skies were getting dark and every thing is closed except for the hotel and La Crique (the hotel's restaurant).

We thought of heading down to Danang to take a walk and buy some stuffs from local convenience stores but the trip down seems to not be worth it.
(Taxi ride down cost about S$30, back up cost about S$30, and the total time spent travelling out and back is going to take about 2.5 hours zzzz)

So in the end.... we had our dinner at the same buffet restaurant - again.

Pretty boring stay here.

My advice :

Take 2 days off your itinerary to explore Danang INCLUDING Bana Hills.
If given a chance, I would not stay at the hotel again (the staffs were really nice though!) because of the limited options of things to do there.

I would spend a day exploring Danang, then stay in a hotel IN DANANG to save cost and wake up really early the next day to head to Bana Hills to explore and return back at night to travel to Hoi An or so.

And if you really want to stay at Bana Hills, prepare some snacks because there's really nothing to eat  (not even potato chips or cup noodles zzz) should you just wish to snack while watching tv in the hotel room.

The next day we left Bana Hills early in the morning to visit Marble Mountain and then to Hoi An.

This time round the cable car ride was more worth it because we can finally see what's around us HAHAHA.

We spotted a couple of mini waterfalls and I got really excited haha.
But that's all - no animals nothing.

Overall we spent the most during our trip at the french village on our buffet meals and massage & the cable car ride up.

My personal rating for Mercure French Village Bana Hills?

It's a must-visit in Danang for photo enthusiast but not worth the hotel stay.
Best to go early in the day to explore the whole of Bana Hills and just in time to catch the last cable car ride down about 8plus pm.

That's all!


Thanks for reading!

Do stay tuned for my next blog entry on the PART II of my Vietnam trip (Danang/HoiAn)

With love,

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