I actually prepped a huge blog entry on the big expose - but I had a change of mind and... 

let's just say I'm trying to be bigger than this.

So instead... let's talk about marriage, shall we?


Person named A wanted to divorce her husband G - they have had many differences over the years of being together but the biggest was some of the mistakes he made he was too huge on ego to admit.

In the midst of the divorce, A got a call from a friend telling her that since she's going to divorce G, she needed to know some things - that G had been cheating since way back, about 2 years ago.

But both A and G were loving back then - they were still a young couple, and they knew that still need to grow together as a couple.

Of course after knowing this piece of news, A felt angry, cheated on and it felt like it was a total waste of her time and effort to trust this man and to build up a home with him hoping to have a better future together all these 5 long years.

And the biggest shock came when A was told... the girl that G cheated on with is a common friend - a married woman with a loving husband and a happy family.

G knew this woman from his secondary school, let's call her C.

Although one friend called A to tell her this, she needed actual evidence that this happened.
She texted another common friend, Z, to check on this piece of news and viola - she found a couple of texts from G to Z admitting his trysts with C while A was away, overseas for work.
A is often away for work as she does shipment of stocks from overseas.

At first before this piece of news is broken to her, A was still struggling on whether to divorce G or not, but after knowing all these, she had the validation. 

It was the end of her marriage she knew, and she just wanted to move on and start a new life.

Most of the time she felt threatened, invaded and uncared for by G and people around him - some of them too worried about this being exposed and their ego bruised - some even knew about the tryst he had with C but continued to live the lie.

A even found out that G brought C up to her place in 2015 where they had their little rendezvous on A and G's wedding bed while A was overseas.
And another time when A was overseas again, G brought C up once again to have oral sex.

This all happened since 2015.

Funny how all along A thought G and C were just friends though she had her doubts about C.
Funny how A trusted G so much that he betrayed her trust like this for such a long long time.
Funny how it all happened on and off a couple of times.
Funny how G had a pet name for C, calling her pigpig (which is pretty disgusting actually).
Funny how C's husband loves her so much, and trusted her too much too.


Knowing all these, first thing that G did was to block A on social media as well as getting C to private her social media account -  talk about coincidence?
And of course G cowardly denied all these accusations asking for evidences which A eventually did confront him with.

What a scenario - really like some Korean drama but shit actually does happen in real life, oh wells.

Scenario is based on a true story.
Go figure.

Cheaters will always be cheaters.

Never let yourself be manipulated into believing that no commitment cheating is okay or anything less hurtful.

No one deserves to be cheated on and it breaks the trust between a couple.

If he pushes you once, he will do it again.
If he hits you once, he will do it again.
If he cheats on you once, he will do it again.


"I've been through enough," I thought.

For all that are concerned, I'm okay.
In fact, I'm more than okay 😊


Flying to Taipei tomorrow to create some new beautiful memories ❤️
Thank heavens for letting me know the truth in time ✨

Special thanks to all my close friends for being there for me, supporting me and checking up on me everyday making sure I'm alright.

Thanks to everyone for the encouragements, emails, DMs and texts you all sent me to cheer me on ❤️

Cookie and I are both in a happier place now - literally.

And thank you for reading ✨

With love,


  1. Dear Aggy

    Everything will be fine!

    Simple words like this as it seems, but trust that everything will be fine.

    Just want you to know that you are definitely not alone. I understand that it is a challenging time for your emotionally. If you ever need someone to talk, I'm sure you know who you can turn to (or you can also approach me too! HAHA). Channel all your energy to something you are passionate about will be one of the best ways to overcome it. Not forgetting there are still loving family, friends and fans who will always be your pillar of support when you need them.

    With faith and positivity, I strongly believe one day you will be able to raise above all. Do remember to stay happy and smile always.

    Best Regards

    PS. 我们都有一个共鸣

    1. Jiayou Joseph! Sorry for approving this only now.
      See you all at 2mm soon! :D