My Rejuran Healer+Teosyal Redensity 1 Skinboosters journey with Veritas Medical Aesthetics!

Have you all heard about Rejuran Healer treatment?

Rejuran Healer is a skin healing treatment that is made up of biological molecules called polynucleotides (PN). A PN molecule is a biopolymer made up of 13 or more nucleotide monomers bonded together. 

Nucleotides are the basic structural units which make up DNA which basically means... 

The DNA extract in Rejuran Healer is obtained from salmon, then fragmented into PNs (a DNA polymer).

And yes I got the chance to finally try Rejuran Healer, also known as Miracle Healer Injection, or 婴儿针 (Baby skin injections)!

I decided to head to Veritas Medical Aesthetics for this procedure.

Situated at Capitol Piazza, it's perfect for it's location especially for working adults - imagine you can have lunch hour procedures done and look prettier leaving the clinic?
How cool isn't it? :D

When I first stepped into the clinic, it gave off a really calming vibe which frankly, should be extremely important for an aesthetic clinic since people go there for procedures which can be.... nerve-racking at times especially for first-timers.

I noticed that Veritas Medical highly recommends Skinceuticals products to their clients and I went to read up about them - they are said to be "Quality skincare backed by Science".

Their philosophy simple - just to provide advanced skincare/treatment to their users to correct signs of aging, protect healthy skin, and prevent future damage.

And of course, I managed to take a quick shot of the cosy treatment room in Veritas Medical Clinic to show you all - this is where my treatments were done at! :D

While waiting for the doctor... you can have a drink and chill/read some magazines too!

 A little more about Veritas Medical Aesthetics :

At Veritas Medical Aesthetics, they only believe in truthful applications in beauty.
By combining treatments for optimum results and also to save time and cost, functional aesthetics is what you can expect at Veritas Medical Aesthetics.

Providing a wide range of holistic and efficacious aesthetic treatments and by highlighting the importance of individualized care, the team at Veritas Medical Aesthetics takes pride to continuously provide premium services to cater to their clients' personal needs.

Founded by Dr Chua Cheng Yu, Veritas Medical Aesthetics was started with his passion in this field.
He is strict with his clinical approach to all the treatments provided at the clinic and firmly believes to providing and achieving the best possible results for all his patients.
He believes that having his own aesthetics clinic guarantees his own freedom of expression in this field.

Dr Chua and I
Dr Chua strongly believes that having a successful aesthetic clinic equates to having a proper and science-based hardware setup - which is why he researched on the best possible combination of technology for years before concluding his current setup. 

At Veritas Medical Aesthetics, you can expect not 1 but 7 different lasers at the clinic to treat a wide variety of skin conditions. 

These includes the latest PicoSecond (Fotona Starwalker) laser technology, 3 different fractional resurfacing lasers (fractional CO2, Erbium-glass and Thulium) to target each different layer of the skin for best possible results and for least downtime. 

There are also machines comparable and more effective than that of some of the industry's leading technology such as Ultherapy and Thermage!

Dr Chua also mentioned that when used properly, most lasers have an anti-aging component to it, stimulating collagen renewal to help shrink pores, tighten skin and remove wrinkles. 

Humble and patient when doing treatment for his patients, Dr Chua mentioned that he hope to be a doctor who has both the passion and expertise to take care of his patients in a holistic manner. 

He believes that beauty is beyond skin deep and strongly believes in the practice of functional aesthetics. 
To him as a doctor, health is more important than beauty which is why he strongly believes in functional aesthetics  - to take care of his patient's overall well-being as well as their beauty needs. 

And the procedure that I did - Rejuran Healer - is a great example of functional aesthetics, where the skin is made healthier through injections that have a long lasting effect. 
The beauty of the skin shows after the injections work its magic on the skin!

2 weeks after Rejuran Healer injection combined with Teosyal Redensity 1 skinboosters
As I mentioned previously that Dr Chua believes in the combination approach for best results, he recommended that I go for both Rejuran Healer and Teosyal Redensity 1 Skinboosters treatment.

The reason why he recommended both was because both do separate and syngergistic things to the face and when you combine both... you get perfect-looking skin, no kidding!

Before we started on the procedure, my face was thoroughly cleansed and numbing cream was applied.

And yes I am ready! :D

My face was first injected with Rejuran Healer first.

Often mistaken as just a moisture booster, Rejuran Healer is actually much more than that.

It is a skin healer, to improve skin elasticity and hydration, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, repair the skin by improving the skin barrier function, normalising the skin, thickening it and regulating oil production.
You will also notice an improvement in skin tone as well as texture!

So much goodness in one jab! :D

If anyone of you that might have tried Rejuran/SkinBoosters before, you must be wondering - how come Dr Chua is just using a manual single jab to do this procedure?

He believes in this personal favourite technique that uses the freehand technique which he learnt from 2 international experts and later modified accordingly. 
It is said that this the freehand serial injection technique is the gold standard and the other techniques are much less recommendable.

So far he did not have any patients that suffered from any bruising with the freehand technique even in the most delicate areas of the face, such as under the eyes as the blunt needle he uses goes under the skin to place the product deep within and avoids all the big blood vessels.
Source : Dr Chua Cheng Yu
The reason why there would be possible bruising using the injector gun  is because it has to damage big blood vessels while placing the product under the skin.

 And true enough - no bruising for me as well - just little bumps that most of them will be gone by 3-4 hours time!

 And moving on to Teosyal Redensity 1 SkinBoosters next!

Using the same freehand technique, Dr Chua promised me that I will not have bruising via this technique and that the results obtained will be optimum.
Frankly, it actually feels much less painful as compared to being injected via an injector gun.

Immediately after Teosyal Redensity 1 Skinboosters
 I was really surprised as to how my skin looked right after the treatments because honestly, they don't look so bad after all, just the tiny bumps that are NOT pimples but the good stuffs that are supposed to settle deep into my skin after some time.

A month after Rejuran Healer + Teosyal Redensity 1 Skinboosters.

My friends kept asking what I did and I told them it's a secret... but now no it's no secret hehe!

Let's just do take a look at a table of comparison of both Rejuran Healer and Teosyal Redensity 1 Skinbooster and why both should be done together :

Rejuran PDRN Healer
Type of Treatment
·      Filler treatment
·      Skin healing and wound repair treatment
·      Stabilized Hyaluaronic Acid (HA)
·      Polyneucleotide (PN) derived from salmon DNA
What It Does
·      Addresses signs of aging
·      HA draws water to the skin to keep it hydrated and plump
·      Prevents moisture loss
·      Reverses aging by repairing skin at cellular level
·      PDRN/ PN repairs damaged dermal cells
·      Restore abnormal, aging cells
·      Rehydrate severely dry skin
·      Smoother skin texture
·      Firmer, more elastic skin
·      Luminous, translucent skin
·      Repair severely damaged skin
·      Reduce appearance of pigmentation and scars
·      Accelerate wound healing
·      Regulate oily skin
·      Minimize enlarged pores
Best For People with
·      Severely dry skin
·      Superficial wrinkles and fine lines
·      Severely damaged, aging skin
·      Scars especially acne scars
·      Enlarged pores with oily skin
Recommended Treatment Plan
·      First 3 treatments to be done 4 weeks apart
·      Subsequent treatments can be done every 6 months
·      First 4 treatments to be done 2 – 4 weeks apart
·      Subsequent treatments can be done every 6 months
Side Effects
·      Skin may appear mildly red and swollen immediately after treatment
·      Injection sites may appear lumpy temporarily if injection depth is too shallow
·      May develop temporary rash
·      Skin may appear mildly red and swollen immediately after treatment
·      Not suitable for vegetarians


All thanks to Veritas Medical Aesthetics, I now know the best my skin needs and how a combination of treatments work hand in hand together for functional aesthetics for the best results, saving cost and time too for consumers like me!

You can find Veritas Medical Aesthetics at :

Veritas Medical Aesthetics 
13 Stamford Rd, B2-36/37, Capitol Piazza, Singapore 178905

Mon – Sat : 11 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Sun : Appointment only

Call +65 64309212 or +65 96410015 (Whatsapp) for your appointment

Do check out their site at :

Do also follow them on Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

Thank you for reading :D

With love,

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