Hola, Bali!

Hey hey guys!

If you all followed me on IG, yes I was in Bali last week!
Just within 5 days and we've visited :


Had the opportunity to celebrate my birthday over there (yes I am 1 year older yet again 😰) and I've found some really gorgeous places to share with you guys should you are planning a trip to Bali next!

(1) Ubud Rice Terrace 

The weather is hot but it's just so beautiful, this sight.
It's even better having lunch while enjoying this gorgeous view.

One mistake we made was that we drove past the restaurants at the top not knowing that you can take stairs down to more seats/spaces downstairs to get even closer to the rice terrace.

Explored the part downstairs and....

...so gorgeous right?

Imo one of the must-see when you visit Ubud - Ubud's Rice Terrace.


(2) Tibumana waterfall

This is in Ubud, Bali.
There are changing rooms here, as well as lockers.
But honestly I was pretty disappointed because the water's so dirty and I didn't even dare to go too deep inside.

It's worth seeing, maybe just once though!


(3) Uluwatu Temple

I love this place so so much.
Though it was sweltering hot when we visited, but it's so beautiful and imo I don't think you need another visit to the Monkey Forest in Ubud if you choose to visit here.

Everywhere is photogenic because the view is just gorgeous.

Just let the driver know you want to visit Uluwatu Temple.
They'll know where to bring you! :D


(4) Nalu Bowls, Uluwatu

There's one at Seminyak and one in Uluwatu.
The one in Seminyak is more like a drive-by store, so we were thankful to find Nalu Bowls in Uluwatu and the place is simply too instagrammable to miss.

Try the bowls, seriously.
Though the boyfriend is not a fan, but if you love fruits/sorbet, try it - ME LOVE!

A short walk outside and we discovered this....

So cute right??
Haha I love Uluwatu! 


(5) Pumpkin Village

One of the places we stayed at, I love their fabulous service and the entire place is just too quaint and adorable.

It is in Ubud and per night's stay is about SGD80-85, pretty worth it.
Do check it out!


(6) Flow Pool And Bar

When we visited, the cabanas were all booked out.
It's best to reserve first before you drop by.

Food's not too bad too.
I love their wide range of selections.

Flow Pool and Bar is located in Ubud.


***Next are the few places that I would like to explore.***
They were in my itinerary but due to time constraints we decided not to go.
(Pictures credit to google/respective sources)

(7) Bali Swing


(8) Padang Padang Beach


(9) Penglipuran Village


(10) Tirta Empul Siring


I believe there are much more places to explore in Bali which I'm looking forward to explore again in June this year.

If any of you might be curious, we hired a driver to drive us around for 10hrs/day for S$35/day.
Please let me know should you need the contact for the driver.

Was really thankful that I had the help of a friend to get this contact so rest assured that he is trustworthy! :D


(1) IDR currency is pretty big (in tens of thousands), so 10000 rupiah is about SGD1.

It's a must because the sun is so FRIGGIN' HOT and there are so many weird insects zzzz

Haha okay maybe that's for me because it's BALI BABYYYYY

(4) Plan your trip beforehand
Seriously, because travelling to and fro places took up A LOT of time and if you were to plan it more carefully (i.e. arranging to go to places nearer to one another in the same day) it might save much more time.
(Something I need to learn from LOL)

We allowed someone (we thought was the driver's assistant) to help us with our luggages at the airport only to find out in the end he was someone random and he asked us for a tip of IDR100000 (approx SGD10) for just a short walk from the arrival door to the carpark.
I could have spent the money on something else instead zzzz

Bali is beautiful, especially Ubud and Uluwatu.
Can't wait to go back again in June & this time round.... we have some really really nice accommodations to share with you all!

Till then!💋

Thank you all for reading 😘


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