Age's catching up on me.

I cant believe it.
Just a few more days of rest in the month of May and I'm feeling so tired
already recently.

I need to get back that stamina that kept me running for the month of April.


I'm now on whatsapp and I have foursquare in my phone too!
And it's not running on VIS and god I feel so thankful I didnt sign up for it.

So much happened recently and I just hope things can just stay the way they are
right now.
I'm still having doubts but I'm sure it'll go away soon.

And I seriously can't wait for the trip.
Now I'm worried about fundings.
Hopefully by then I should be fine.

On a sidenote, I really hate adult ezlink fare.
Why can't they have something like 21 yrs old and below still enjoy
student benefits for ezlink tt kinda thing?

:< Okay I'm hungry but goodnight. (:

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