I'm Agnes Low, more widely known as Aggylow on the blogosphere and I am a fashion and beauty blogger.
I am also the owner/director of my online boutique,

Growing up, I was always the kid who did just 'alright' in school but I had a flair for the arts and music.
At just 4, I started my music learning journey and fell in love with the piano.

Today, I am a freelance piano/music teacher I am a music/piano teacher in Singapore
and I teach students ranging from very young children to working adults.

 In my free time, I love to sing and make music with my friends and I am also formally known for my presence on Campus Superstar 2007 season, a reality tv singing competition on Channel U.

I have a little pooch, a toy-poodle named Cookie 🐶
Literally the love of my life hahaha

As I have always loved styling/altering clothes to make them more aesthetically pleasing, I considered really hard about starting an online boutique which eventually started in October 2015.

Introducing my very own fashion label/start-up, TACT.Sg.

Born in OCT 2015 and bred in Singapore, TACT is a womenswear label webstore that is inspired by the minimal trend and contemporary styling.

Shop our new arrivals at


For me in terms of fashion and style, I would describe it as minimal and modern.

I enjoy blogging and I share about all things that I think might interest my readers.
I sometimes also like to share a little about myself and the on-goings of my daily life so I have something to look back to when I am older and probably share with my children. 😊

I also have my own youtube channel HERE where I share makeup/fashion tips and also V-logs on the countries that I have visited so far. ✈️

I am very active on Instagram, which you can follow me @aggylow.

Enjoy your stay here and leave me a comment if you like what you read/see!😍

Thank you for dropping by!