Product Review : Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Soft Brown

Hey all!👋
So as I shared in my instagram post, Liese recently came out with their new range of their highly-raved Creamy Bubble Color 😍

Categorised into two different series namely the Natural series and Design series, you are bound to be able to find a suitable shade for yourself!

I really love the new packaging of Liese Creamy Bubble Color - it's so chic and modern looking, a fresh change from their previous bubble color hair dye series.

Also, it is said that the latest shades are all salon-inspired hues and blended with grayish or bluish colors to help achieve a soft and sheer finish!


Before I start my review, I just wish to state that this is an honest and non-paid blog entry - I genuinely wanted to be the first few in SG to try this series out and on top of that I really really am starting to get tired of my blonde-colored hair.

So this was how my hair looked like before I spam soft brown colored foam all over my head


The new packaging - kawaii right?!

Okay honestly I was pretty skeptical (and scared) when I read this while looking at the color guide.
It says : "If your hair colour before coloring is lighter than the "very light color" shown in the guide below, the hair may result in gray, olive green, hazy purple or other sheens after colouring."


Because I really really wanted the end result of my new hair color to be like the color seen on the color guide where the arrow is pointed at... then I look at the colours shown below they look more reddish brown than soft brown....😟

But I thought, "What the heck, it's just hair color I will change it if I don't like it."
(But still feeling a little 😰😰😰)

Okay so I risked it and tried.

But before that, let's take a look at the contents inside the box.

Quite straight-forward, contents as per the previous series.
One thing I realised is that I was unable to find instructions how long I'm supposed to leave the hair-dye on my hair for, no matter how hard I try.
Kao Liese, let me know if I'm wrong on this please!

So I went online and google and landed on their website for the "How-to" instructions instead :

Anyways I won't be going through the process of the dyeing of my hair because it's all in this video, so watch on to find out more!

(Oh ya because I was so afraid the shade won't turn out to be what I wanted and was pretty worried that I might regret it, I only left the hair dye on for approximately 15minutes 😛)


This was how my hair looked like after washing and drying.

For comparison's sake let's put the before-after photos together..

I must say I really love the finish.
It's really has a little olive-green sheen to it but it doesn't bother me.
A change to my usual look for a start 😙


One more selfie shot of myself with makeup on (purposely did my makeup to suit my new hair shade hehehe) - shot in the car :

Thank you Kao Liese for this lovely new shade of Soft Brown!
I'll be sure to return to this shade over and over. 😻😻😻

Thanks for reading!💋

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