Go straight, wavy or curly with GlamPalm + GIVEAWAY!


If you never heard of GlamPalm, IT'S SERIOUSLY TIME YOU SHOULD!

(Psst! Read on to find out how you can win one of these hair-stylers for yourself!)

Said to be the Number 1 in South Korea and widely used and trusted by thousands of makeup artists and salons, GlamPalm comes with 6 real impressive features that I honestly haven't seen in other hair stylers around!

You can create some nice C-curls with it...

Straighten your hair...

Or even try your hand at giving yourself some nice Korean-inspired curls!

Recently the "in-thing" in Singapore, GlamPalm has been highly raved by many girls here and it has helped many of us create really gorgeous and always #insta-ready hair!


Here we go~!


Treat your hair right with GlamPalm!
Protecting our hair from excessive heat, GlamPalm's ceramic coated plates are infused with a secret mineral that is drawn from mines deep in the South Korean mountains that has been scientifically proven to cause virtually no damage to our hair, even without the use of hair protectors!!!


If you have damaged and fragile hair that is hard to tame, rest assured that with GlamPalm, you are in full control to set the temperatures accordingly to your hair type as well as the style you wish to achieve!

GlamPalm features 11 heat settings ranging from 100C to 200C and it also heats up in only 15 seconds, which means lesser waiting time! :D


With GlamPalm's 3D Swivel Pivot Cord, it enables users to use it without any resistance and with extreme ease.
I love the attention in details that the team behind GlamPalm gives... protective covers for everything!


It has a minimal and ergonomic body design.
Not to mention how it is packaged in this gorgeous luxury travel casing in sleek black!

I adore how two sectioning clips are included in the set to help make hair-styling a breeze!


Sometimes after I leave house, I will get super conscious on whether did I forget to switch off my hair-stylers!

But with the guardian angel technology, I don't even need to ponder a second about this or get worried about burning my entire house down (hehehe) because it helps to ensure that your unit will shut off automatically after 30 minutes!!!


Coated with a special resin that helps to absorb sweat and giving a silky touch sensation, GlamPalm is one of my favourite because it is really light and I don't find myself panting halfway nor find my hands aching while styling my hair!


GlamPalm Hair-styler comes in two sizes, the GP201 and the GP313;

The GP201 curls, waves or straightens any hair type with its standard plates and is perfect for people with short to medium hair.

The GP313 can be used to create fabulous waves, curls or any style with its medium plates and is great for people with medium to long hair.
It is also specially designed for maximum straightening.

No heat-protector necessary for both stylers and it is proven to be safe to use on Keratin Treated Hair with amazing results.

What is included in the GlamPalm packaging??


Now since you are here....


Hairstyle created by using the GLAMPALM GP201 Hair-styler


All you have to do is :

  1. Comment HERE ON THIS BLOG POST and tell me why you want to win this hairstyler.
  2. Leave your first name and your valid email address so I can contact you if you win this!
  3. *OPTIONAL* Follow me on instagram, include your IG username with this comment to stand higher chances of winning!
(Contest is only open to people residing in Singapore)


Also, you could now get two sets of GlamPalm's hairstylers with this Mother’s Day promo at 2 for $448 (usually priced at $598) 
Do use this code [ MOTHERSDAY ] upon checkout over at :

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  1. I wanna win this cuz my hair is always so straight and flat. Am sure GlamPalm hairstyler will help revive my lifeless manes and give some texture to it -- I LOVE CURLS! ✨

    Followed on IG ages ago @aldora_muses
    Name: Aldora
    Email: musingsofarabbit@gmail.com

    Love, Aldora

  2. Hi Aggy,

    My name is Sherlyn Ler. I would love to have the hairstyler giveaway badly because my hair really needs it!

    I have natural inner curls and I do not own a hair styler hence my hair looks unkempt everyday.

    I have been wanting to purchase a hair styler since eons ago. But, I never knew which brand or type of hair styler to buy from.

    You mention in your blogspot that if one have damaged and fragile hair that is hard to tame, there is full control of the temperature which I think is a good function for a hair styler because I will not end up spoiling the ends of my hair.

    I hope to win this giveaway and have proper hair management!

    My email is sherlyn_ler@hotmail.com and I'm a follower of your IG @sherlynler :)

    Thank you!

  3. I wanna win this styler because the current styler (babyliss big hair) that I'm using can't seems to tame my hair thtoughout the whole day! ):
    Name: Xue er
    Email: qiuxues@gmail.com ������

  4. I have been eyeing on this glampalm for so long since, my friend let me tried using once on her hair!! It is easy to use and it glides on the hair very smoothly.... and it will not damage our hair for using it where other straightener do not have this technology!! I hope to win this glampalm to use it everyday, it is a die for product for me!! Will never damage my hair le but still beautify my hair soon!! Thanks for orgainsing this giveaway, im so happy to join this giveaway!! ����
    My email add : badylon@hotmail.com
    Followed instagram : koreenhong

    Best regards
    Koreen Hong

  5. I like to have 1 of this hairstyler so that I can style my natural curl hair without damaging my hair
    Winnie (fwl191@gmail.com)

  6. I would LOVEEE to win this hairstyler cause I've the flattest hair! This can help to create some volume. Plus I have always wanted to try those korean curls! 😍 Please pick me!

    Btw, you've a new follower! :) My ig's @becauseitsdone

  7. I'd love to win this hairstyler because:
    1. I've tried many hairstylers before (wasted my money on them :/ ) and it always leave my hair damaged and limp.
    2. The product is good as it claims so it'll definitely work on me
    3. I can share this hairstyler with my mum and sister since they love to try out different hairstyles (yay girlbonding time!)

  8. Sorry my email is eliasha-yusli@hotmail.com (Eliasha Yusli)

  9. I hope to win this hairstyler as I like to straighten and curl my hair~ glamplam looks easy and convenient to use. Looking forward to good hair day everyday �� thank you!
    Name: Larin
    Email: larinong@gmail.com
    Instagram nick: larinlovelock

  10. Would love to win this hairstylers for my fiancΓ©. Yes! A guy need this badly to solve his natural curls. Have been trying various brands of hair stylers and he cant seems to get back the one which dont burn his hair and yet straighten his hair. Hope this opportunity leads him to the right straightener ;) thanks for the giveaway!


  11. I want to win this hairstyler because it is really awesome and because I have damaged and fragile hair that is hard to tame. Also, this hairstyler is scientifically proven to cause virtually no damage to our hair even without the use of hair protectors! How awesome is that! I need and want one for my hair �� Pleaseeeee ��

    First Name : Shu Ying
    IG : shuying93
    Email : shuying93@hotmail.com

  12. Hello! My mom has been wanting a something that can curl her hair easily but does not know what brand is good. And since Mother's day is around the corner, it would be a perfect gift for her :) *ps:i currently have no use for one for myself since my hair is permed ><
    Instagram: @chezziel

    Thanks for the giveaway!:)

  13. Hi! I hope to win this hairstyler for my mum for this mothers' day! This will be a great gift for her:)
    Jocelyn Ng

  14. I would like to win this to give it a try as my hair is always very messy and fizzy. So it takes me very long to style my hair before I head out. Also, I heard that many of the straightners in the market are quite damaging to the hair if used without heat protection. So I can't wait to give this a try as there isn't a need to use heat protection on our hair before using this styler. (Yes, I'm a lazy person) I hope I can win this!! Thank you for hosting this giveaway!! :)

    First name: Jia Jia
    Email address: jiajia.ninthapril@gmail.com
    IG username: 9thjoy_

  15. Hi Agnes! Would love to win the GP201 because I have mid length hair and it can be so annoying when the ends start to curl in all directions. D: This seems like the perfect tool to achieve the perfect C curls quickly and easily. I can already envision this being my go-to hairstyler every day before work! And once again, thanks for holding these amazing giveaways! :)

    Name: Beverly
    Email: beverly_tan@hotmail.sg
    Instagram: donkeyphant (already followed!)

  16. IG: nettyliee
    Email: netty_lie83@hotmail.com
    Followed you on IG

    Would really love to win this, if I'm really lucky this month (my birthday month), this hairstyler is going to be my first hairstyler in my 33 years of life. Never own one before 😁 not sure why I never have one haha

    My hair is very messy now despite the amount of hair oil or lotion I put, it's like there's no way I can tame my wild hair. My original hair is wavy and I did volume rebonding with curl a few months ago. It looked pretty at first but now? Nowhere straight, wavy or curl. It's just out of the place or messy!

    Pray hard I will win this so I will be a pretty birthday girl this coming 26th :)

  17. Hi aggy,
    Thank you for this giveaway!! Would love to win this cos it sounds amazing and i love how your C curls turned out! Been trying to achieve such curls for the longest time and I just can't seemed to have it or it won't last for half a day!

    Would love to give this a try cos who doesn't want to have good hair day everyday! :)

    First name: Yi Hui
    Email: toh.yihui@hotmail.com
    IG: Tyihuinoelle

  18. Just cause this busy momma of 2 babies have no time to go style my hair everyday what more step foot into a professional saloon! I have medium length hair just like yours and would love to spend a little time with glampalm daily since its so easy to use with great results... so I can perhaps look fabulous like u and not look like an "aunty" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜

    Jamie Chaw
    IG: Jamiechaw

    Been following u n loved all ur new looks achieved ever since u chopped ur hair 😘

  19. First name: Hosanna
    Email: hosannakoh@gmail.com

    Hi Aggy, I will like to win this giveaway so that I can learn how to style my hair like how you do (korean feel) as recently I'm really into Descendants of the sun. Hope to hear from you soon :)

  20. I wish to win as my hair is vert long and I need it to style it with cure so I can attend my friends wedding on this coming June.
    Sandra Wee

  21. I wish to win as my hair is vert long and I need it to style it with cure so I can attend my friends wedding on this coming June.
    Sandra Wee

  22. Hi Aggy!

    I've heard so much about this hairstyler! Tried several brands previously but gave it up shortly as those really dried my hair up max �� Didn't trust any other brands anymore.

    Now that I see several influencers posting about GlamPalm, I felt I can give it a go and see how good it is! My wedding is around the corner and I'm asking my bff to help touch up my hair with the curls, this will come in so handy! ��

    Already followed on ig @momokittysan!

    Name: Yi San
    Email: low.yi.san@gmail.com

    Thank you!

  23. This will definitely make a good Mother's Day gift for my Mom! She did own a hair iron before but it really dries out her hair and she has been avoiding it since. I've heard so many good reviews on this product and hope to win this for her so she can continue to doll herself up and stay as pretty and confident!

    Thanks for holding this giveaway :)

    IG: chenxi_

  24. So that i can style my hair before i gel


  25. Hello Agnes! :)

    I'm about to chop off my hair to shoulder length for the very first time in my life (!!!) I've read so many reviews about GlamPalm and it feels like it would be perfect for me to try out totally new hairstyles! Having had long hair for the most of my life, it is frankly quite daunting to have a drastic change in hair length. With the GP201, I would be more than excited to play around with different looks and styles with my new hair length :) Thank you!

    First name: Xue Miao
    Email Address: txmz128@gmail.com
    Instagram: xuemiaooo

  26. Thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway! I would really love to win this. I like that it comes with a gorgeous travel case with the tools inside. No more messy cords in the drawer when unused. And portable to bring overseas. Most importantly, my hair has always been long and I secretly adore short hair length but lack of courage to cut it short because my hair is so thin and lack of volume. But after seeing how you spice up your short hair with Glampalm hairstyler. I'm even more tempted to try!

    Name: Eunice Lim
    Email: trulyeunice05@gmail.com
    IG: trulyeunice

  27. I love love to win this GP201 model by Glampalm simply because it's perfect for my short hair...it will boost my self confidence even more for having a good hair everyday! Name: Reamy H. Garcia Email:reamy.garcia@icloud.com IG:rea2511

  28. Hi Agnes! I've been wanting to own a GlamPalm badly. Joined a few of your past GlamPalm giveaway on instagram but wasn't lucky enough to walk away with one. Hence, I'd like to thank you for having another giveaway.
    The reason why I hope to win is because I have boring and dull looking hair. My hair is in between the straight and wavy category and I can't think of any other worst combi. With that, I often have to tie my hair or put on a cap before heading out otherwise I'd probably look like a lunatic who just escaped from IMH. Saw how you styled your hair with GlamPalm and you look amazing! My hair is of the same length as you and I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hope to own one and try it on myself. Followed you on instagram as well (: Thank you for this awesome giveaway! Keeping shining Aggy!

    Name: Lynn Ngai
    Email: lynn820@hotmail.com
    IG: lforlynn

  29. My naturally , curly fringe
    always annoyed me before I leave home for work.
    Hope to achieve a straight fringe !

    My name : Shanice Foh
    Instagram : shanicefoh3

  30. I've been in Mommy-mode for almost 4 years now and I miss being 28 and pretty! (I'm 28, but I feel 82.)

    Please help me on my journey to shampoo-ad-ready hair and me feeling like me again.

    Lavinia Kwek

  31. I'm a hair and makeup artist and this would be an excellent addition to add to my tools! Personally I love how travel friendly it is, plus it can not only straighten but curl hair too. The technology also doesn't damage my clients' hair. With the wide range of setting, this is great for me since it can accomodate different hair thickness! What a great tool to share with my clients!

  32. My name is Valerie Chua (c.shujuanvalerie@gmail.com)

    and I'm a follower of ur ig, under the name @thathazeleyes !

  33. Hi Aggy,
    Thank you for this giveaway!
    I've always had a very boring hairstyle, I've tried to change my hair parting from side bangs to middle parting and now airy bangs. I realize that after changing my hair parting I still look boring.
    Hope to win this so that I can try different hairstyle everyday.

    Name: Florence Chua
    Email: Florence.Cien@hotmail.com
    Instagram: @ChuaCiEn

  34. Hello Aggy (:

    I have always wanted to try out a hairstyler but am unsure which brand to purchase from the market. Even though I have read alot of highly raved reviews of GlamPalm, I'm still rather hesitant into buying - firstly due to the price and secondly afraid that it will be damaging to my hair & that it will add on to one of my impulse purchases.

    My hair is of mid bob length but it is rather flat on the top & frizzy at the ends. Somehow I just feel my hair looks "dead" and make me look dull everyday :( Blowing my hair doesn't help as by the end of the day, my hair will be back to it lifeless state.

    As mentioned in your blogpost, GlamPalm's ceramic coated plates are infused with a secret mineral that will not cause damage to our hair (which is so important for me especially when my hair is so dry and gets entangled so easily!!).

    I am also very attracted by the GP201 which enables one to curls, waves or straighten my hair. My hairstylist is a die-hard fan of hairstyler and has been using it to style my hair each time I visited her. The end result after each hair salon visit is always a head of volume and tame hair, which is what I always desire to achieve at home.

    Last but not least, the sleek black travel casing to pack the light-weight GlamPalm means that I can bring it around with me on the go (i.e. gym and overseas holiday). This would mean that I am able to have fabulous looking hair every time; and that would boost my confidence in meeting people any time.

    Thank you for holding this give-away, Aggy and I really hope to “save” my hair by winning the hairstyle giveaway.

    Name: Candice Koh
    Email: sveltekiss@gmail.com
    New follower of your Instagram: @dramamamamia

  35. I want to win this as it doesn't damage my hair with their ceramic coated plates.

    It is easy to use and it is multipurpose as you have demonstrated the numerous ways to use it ;) thanks!

    Name: Melissa
    IG : cptslowyeo
    Email : frozentrace@yahoo.com.sg

  36. Hi @aggylow! I would love to win the GP201 because my hair is naturally, ultra FLAT. I would love to add some beautiful waves and texture to my hair using glampalm <3 It is also safe and easy to use for beginners too like you've demonstrated :)
    Name: Ivana
    E-mail: ivanawongso93@gmail.com
    IG: @itsmewongso

  37. I know that my search for a good straightener/curler will end here the moment I read your post. I have tried a few straighteners of various price range but they can't seem to deliver all the features that embody GlamPalm GP201. This hair-styler fits my personal aim of putting my best face forward with minimal effort.

    Name: Priscilla
    email: pwanlow@yahoo.com

  38. I would like to win this as I recently cut a short hair. My stylist asked if I could style my hair everyday before I leave for work and I told her 'No'. firstly, I don't own a glampalm and I need to spend more time in the morning. This brand have been out in the market and received good reviews, would loved to own one. I should have leave out some time to style my hair everyday just like makeup. My hair is thin and flat so I normally would blow dry my hair for volume, there's a limit to make it look more volume. hopefully by owning one GP201 I am able to be more confident looking when I leave my house. I'm a new follower:) Name: bernis Email: yongyongxin@gmail.com IG:bernis225

  39. Hi! Thank you for this giveaway! I hope to win this because my hair is flat and very wavy. Sometimes my hair gets so messy especially towards the end of the day and it is difficult to style. Other straighteners don't work on me. My hair curls back very fast. My wedding is coming up and I'm doing a DIY photoshoot. It will come in very handy then! Followed on IG: dewsofheaven ☺ Sarah (onruyu@gmail.com)

  40. I have fussy frizzy hair, has always rebond my hair to look neat. Hope to win GlamPalm so that I can look great everyday without damaging my hair. I can also have some Korean-inspired curls for special occasions without going to the salons.

    Name: Mabel Chua
    E-mail: mab3ru@gmail.com
    IG: @mascotlicious

  41. Hi Aggy!

    I have curly hair underneath my fringe and as a guy, it can be difficult to do rebonding for the hair underneath my fringe. If I were to rebond my fringe, it becomes too flat. Having the GlamPalm GP201 will enable me to tame the unruly hair underneath my fringe and allow me to create a curly fringe for that Korean boyband look for versatility. ��✌

    Name: Ed
    Instagram: vintagemenstuff
    Email: vintagemenstuff@hotmail.com

  42. As you are aware, lazy working professionals have very little time in the morning. I rather snooze for 5 more minutes and ended up have to rush myself to prepare for the day. So sadly either my outfit is well-matched or my makeup is on point or every strand of hair is in the right place.

    I have always been looking for a curler which protects my hair even for daily usage, easy to use which translates to time saving and most importantly achieves the perfect C curl or waves. Now i found it - glampalm is my answer!

    Have always been a follower of yours.Thank you for organising this giveaway. It would be a blessing to own one!!!

    Name: Josephine Tan
    Email address: tanliqi@gmail.com
    IG handle: msjotan

  43. Hello all!

    Thanks for taking part in this giveaway.
    After using RANDOM.ORG, the winner selected is :
    First name: Hosanna
    Email: hosannakoh@gmail.com

    Please email me to redeem your prize.

    Thanks for taking part everyone!
    I'm giving away 4 Two-tone series products over at my YouTube so head on over to take a look!