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My Profhilo session with Clifford Clinic!


Have you heard of  Profhilo®?
I'll admit, I only knew about  Profhilo® very recently, ironically from the boyfriend 😅

 Profhilo®, also known as skin rejuvenation treatment for tired, ageing skin, is different from all other typical skin fillers and skin boosters as it acts via a new process: bio-remodelling of the collagen and elastin structures in the skin!

To me I understand it like a 10-20 times better than skin-boosters that is a 100% pure HA-based, chemical stabiliser-free product - sounds SO SO GOOD! 🤗

I really wanted glowing skin with firming/tightening effect and enhanced skin hydration with no downtime.
That said, I walked into the clinic having the mindset of being extremely realistic about my exceptions - everyone should, no matter what procedure you're looking to do.

Lip Fillers with Clifford Clinic 💋

I've ALWAYS had thin and tiny lips all my life - not that I'm complaining but after doing my own makeup all these years, sometimes I really wish I had thicker lips lolll

I just feel that if they were a little thicker it would really balance out my entire look more.

That said, I've never envisioned myself to have lips thick like Kylie Jenner, Kim K or Angelina Jolie.
I think it's super super important to be extremely realistic about your exceptions no matter what procedure you're looking to do.

My Epicanthoplasty Journey with The Clifford Surgery Clinic

Hello guys~

It's been quite some since I've last blogged (I know I know 😜) but today it's gonna be an interesting one because it's about my epicanthoplasty surgery/journey with The Clifford Surgery Clinic 😊

So... how did I even go about doing this surgery or think about doing it?