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Want Korean Eyebrows? Now you can at KO BROWS! 😍

Approximately a month ago I had an opportunity to get a Korean Eyebrow Embroidery - something that I wanted to do for the longest time because I could NEVER do the chio Ulzzang brows that everyone has been raving about! 😖

I was really excited this time round because I will have my eyebrows embroidered by a TRUE-BLUE Korean Beautician from KO BROWS Singapore!

Because you deserve the best too;

Remember my divorce saga? 

I know many of you must be thinking, "Why the heck is she so proud of her divorce?" or "Why is she even sharing about this?" 

Frankly, this marriage started out pretty public.

I've always been frank to everyone about my status offline and online, and I was proud of my marriage.
I even shared about my wedding and all the nitty gritty stuffs surrounding my marriage that it seemed like I HAD TO EXPLAIN MYSELF WHEN WE ENDED THINGS.

Yes, I feel obliged to. 

A visit to my favourite clinic ♡

About a week before my Bali Trip, I dropped by my favourite clinic (you guys should know which by now hehe) for my monthly HTF facial, to top up some products as well as some Botox as recommended by the doctor!