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My updated skincare regime with IDS Skincare ❤

Hey all~

I did a little challenge on my Instagram Stories on purely using IDS products for 30 days to "revert" my skin health because I have been trying a lot of makeup and skincare (some obviously not really suitable for my highly sensitive skin) and I've been left with breakouts, eczema and dry patches on my face.

On top of that, I've been kinda stressed out lately due to work and some personal stuffs going on and look what a combination of bad skincare regime, testing makeup products and unhealthy lifestyle/stress can do to one's skin....

My Zenyum Invisble Braces Journey : Part 1

Remember my IG stories about me kickstarting my ZENYUM journey?

Product Review : Liese Creamy Bubble Color in Soft Brown

Hey all!👋
So as I shared in my instagram post, Liese recently came out with their new range of their highly-raved Creamy Bubble Color 😍