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BETADINE® Feminine Wash Event

Okay let's all be honest here, how many of you females here DO actually use a specific product to cleanse/care for your intimate areas?

I have to admit, I am quite a lazy person when it comes to this...

I mean, there's too much to remember (already?!) when it comes to caring for our body/hair/face... 

But well I'm not ALWAYS lazy, I do already know that there are some products in the market to help  care of our intimate areas, keeping it fresh and clean throughout the day!

One of it is of course....


If you don't already know, BETADINE® has been trusted worldwide by professionals for over 45 years and going!

Happy birthday, me;

Happy birthday, me.

The first time I actually spent my birthday with friends entirely and a dinner with my parents.
I don't feel sad, nor lonely;

#SeoulInLove @ Takashimaya Singapore

I've been missing Korea A LOT since my visit there in 2014 because there's simply TOO MUCH to love about Korea!

From the quaint little cafes and aromatic coffees, to the amazing street food...

Not forgetting shopping with friends, buying cosmetics and fashion apparels!

I miss all of these so so much and can't wait for my next Korea trip (hopefully soon hehe) but till then.... there's the SEOUL IN LOVE event that is happening right here right now at Takashimaya Singapore!

Seoul In Love is Takashimaya's biggest Korean Concept Event happening right now from Wednesday 15 Mar to Sunday 26 Mar 2017 at Takashimaya Square, B2, & Food Hall, B2!