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Flying With Scoot - All You Need To Know About KrisFlyer!

Hola all!

Anyone of you have any holiday plans up your sleeves at the moment?😎

Well, it is the holiday season - but then again, who cares what season it is right?
Travel is all about exploring and exploring knows no seasons!😚
(Although, if you’re planning to go to some country during the typhoon season,
then we might have plan ahead & check the calendar beforehandπŸ˜†)


It's Summertime! ☀

One of my favourite times of the year has got to be Summer.
It's the time where pool parties, long road trips and picnics happen - all the happy stuffs!

To prep myself for Summer this year, I did quite a bit of shopping online to update my warm weather wardrobe! πŸ˜Ž