Lip Fillers with Clifford Clinic 💋

I've ALWAYS had thin and tiny lips all my life - not that I'm complaining but after doing my own makeup all these years, sometimes I really wish I had thicker lips lolll

I just feel that if they were a little thicker it would really balance out my entire look more.

That said, I've never envisioned myself to have lips thick like Kylie Jenner, Kim K or Angelina Jolie.
I think it's super super important to be extremely realistic about your exceptions no matter what procedure you're looking to do.

This was my lips BEFORE.

It's not ugly or what.
It's just thin.
Even when I wear red lipstick it just doesn't stand out that much!

Compared to NOW, after getting lip fillers with Celebrity Doctor, Dr Gerard Ee @ Clifford Clinic.
By the way, they have lip augmentation too!

A photo of me in red lips for comparison's sake

A closer shot!

Before / After :

See! Got difference right~ 😍


Okay moving on to my entire lip fillers experience @ Clifford Clinic

I had full makeup on when I went to Clifford Clinic, so I was quickly ushered into what I like to call the "powder room" to get my makeup all removed 😃

After that the nurses quickly put on numbing cream for me as it will take 30mins to 1 hour for the numbing cream to take effect so the lip fillers injection will be more tolerable!

I was quickly given a "temporary mask" while having the numbing cream on as I sat at the waiting lounge to wait for the numbing effect to happen - love that little thought considered from the nurses that the numbing cream might " dirty" my own mask. 😷

Me with numbing cream on waiting~
TBH I don't like how it felt - it was WEIRD.
But for the sake of beauty... alright~~~

Ok here we go...

I still felt a little bit of pain, but it was tolerable.
Frankly I was more worried about the swelling after my fillers.

And honestly, Dr Gerard Ee is one of the gentlest doctor I've ever experienced for lip fillers especially!

Okay we're done!
Following the injections, Dr Gerard tried "moulding" my lips into the desired shape.

It was all over pretty quickly and before I know it...
I now have cute M-shaped lips! 😍

I was told that slight swelling is very normal.
I'm soooo not looking forward to having sausage lips ughhhh


The very next day.....

My lips wasn't even swelling that much and I was like WHATTT~?
Seriously this was Day 2 after lip fillers!

Super surprising because the last time I did lip fillers I had SO MUCH BRUISING and my lips swelled like SAUSAGES I couldn't even gig/perform/sing. 😭

Thank you Dr Gerard Ee!

My lip fillers procedure is about $1100 before gst. 
If you have any questions do feel free to drop The Clifford Clinic 
any questions if you might have any!

Their website is :

You can also find them on Facebook at :

If you have any questions for me, ask away too! 😍

Thank you for reading!♥

With love,

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