My one-month detoxing journey with Kinomegumi Ashi Rela Detox Footpatch!

Have you ever heard of Detox Foot Patches??

When I very first knew about detox foot patches, I was actually in Japan which was about two years back!
I saw it in one of the pharmacies and thought of buying a pair to try.

The very first time I used it I was pretty impressed because the next morning, I tore out the patches that was pasted under my feet and was quite shocked to see the amount of toxin that was "sucked out" by the patches from under my feet.

I admit I was pretty freaked out and did not continue to buy the foot patches because oh well, blame it on myself that I didn't do enough research to know the actual purpose of these detox foot patches!

MADE IN JAPAN : The Kinomegumi Ashi Rela Detox Footpatch in Lavender Flavour 

I know many of you must be wondering....




The idea of detox foot patches first came from the exact concept of trees soaking up water from the soil to help purify it to help in its growth. 

This concept gave scientists the idea to come out with detox patches to help soak up the toxins from our bodies through the bottom of our feet! 

These toxins are harmful substances which are accumulated inside the body on a daily basis through the food/drinks we consume, our daily bad habits and also harsh environmental conditions that might cause the accumulation of toxins in our bodies.

The detox patches are mostly worn under our feet because according to beliefs in Oriental medicine, our feet are considered to be the "second heart" of our bodies where many of our body's acu-points.

It is said that they help to pump circulation of blood and lymph back up to our body. 
With the 520 kinds of active ingredients found in bamboo sap, it is used as the main ingredient in these foot patches to help eliminate the toxins through our feet.

These detox patches can also be worn on our shoulders, neck, waist, legs or knees for a more targeted healing too!

 The patches come separately with the stickers to stick them firmly under our feet so they will be securely stuck on the bottom of our feet throughout the entire night while we sleep!

As much as I love these foot patches, I learnt that I cannot expect too much from it to help entirely solve my problems.

The problems that commonly occur to me are :

Lower-body water retention
Body Aches

However, with several and constant usage, the detox foot patches can and may help to alleviate these issues and I am able to feel the improvements overtime.

Which is why these detox food patches comes in boxes of 30 so that you can use them on a daily basis for about two weeks substantial enough for you to witness the improvements day by day.

It is said that if we were to use these patches on a daily basis, it is possible to notice the colour of the used foot patches will actually change from a darker brown to lighter brown as more toxins are being filtered out day by day!

Before using the patch, it is clean and white with no visible toxins on the patches - to protect the patches they are packaged in plastic respectively 

After use - notice the change of colour of the patches due to the toxins being filtered out of the body


Don't believe?

Check out MY RESULTS :

The detox patches really got lighter as the days goes by - toxins all filtered out of my body!

I was super impressed while creating these collages and most importantly, I do feel different overall too!


The Kinomegumi Ashi Rela Detox Foot patches are made in japan and they help to filter out waste deposit through sweat from the bottom of our feet and through this detox process, not only that our blood circulation is improved, it also helps to increase our body's metabolism rate and helps to regulate our immune system!


Recent photo of myself and I'm happy to notice a difference in my lower body - lesser water retention in my legs somehow!

These foot patches are not only easy to use, they are perfect for those from 20 years old and above, with problems like aches and pains, poor blood circulation, difficulties with sleeping, those constantly feeling lethargic, poor immune system and poor eating habits etc.

Basically for anyone that wishes to see some improvement in overall health condition!

It comes in different sorts of "flavours" to help curb with different issues such as :

The "flavours" that I chose to go through this 30-day experiment are Lavender and Mugwort respectively!

How to use?

1) Peel the backing of the sticker

2) Attach the side with wordings on top of the sticker

3) Notice the side to be pasted under your feet should look completely white

4) Remove the top remaining sticker

5) Paste the entire foot patch in the middle part of your feet
6) Wear it to sleep overnight and remove the patches the following day!

Remember to wipe the bottom of your feet after removing the patches if not it may leave some sticky/slimy residue under your feet! 

Hope this review helps anyone of you that might be keen in trying out these patches for an overall improvement in your health, metabolism & even mood!

Still skeptical?
Check out my short video review on my overall thoughts after using this product below!


Kinomegumi Ashi Rela Detox Footpatch – 30pcs
30pcs - $40.90
2pcs - $4.90

You can find these foot patches for sale at :
All SASA, BHG ALT Concept Stores, Tokyu hands & 7-Eleven.

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Thank you for reading!

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