Forget the mistake, remember the lesson;

Today marks the last day of me singing at my now "previous workplace".
(I'm not going to mention any names in this post to avoid giving them any sort of publicity.)

I've been holding myself back from posting anything negative about this entire saga because I do not want to make things difficult for some of the people I work with and most importantly I now don't see anything bad about not having this job anymore.

If anyone of you might be curious - yes, my musician friends and I were abruptly cut off by them entirely and was only told of this news last week -  we were fired to be exact.

We were not given any notice (1 month preferably) and yes some of us rejected offers because of this darn gig only to know that we got cut off so last minute.

After knowing this news, naturally I was upset.
I admit, I cried - for this job I actually went a little out of my comfort zone and had no indications or whatsoever that I've done anything wrong to make things end up this way.

Most importantly as the resident/lead singer I felt that I've let my friends down - those that worked with me everyday for this gig.

I felt stupid, unappreciated and lost.

And then the next day when I got to work feeling down, I was complained of being not enthu enough & "unprofessional".

Funny thing is, I wasn't the one being unprofessional not coming to work after being just cut off like this without notice (oh sorry, I mean there's about 5 days notice LOL).

And how the hell you want me to be ENTHU after knowing that you not only cut me out, but the entire gig & ALL MY FRIENDS?

Hello your brain spoil is it??


All in all, the reason why we got cut off - at least that's what they said was that we sang too many Chinese songs during our gig.

We were also told that customers requests "actually no need to sing one (for chinese songs)" and can "pretend we have English song requests".

I admit have a limited list of English songs to sing, but let me just tell you - I started off with singing NONE.
I tried my best but you guys didn't try your best to see that I tried.
That we tried.

No point arguing with you, since you know what you want, good for you, you shall have it.

No more us and now it's just your way of how you want things to work, finding out what the market wants & all the best to you.

***Updated : Now that I found out about the other side of the story... it shocks me even more...***


I wanted to write a really long post to complain about the many little things but forget it.

I can be really immature and hurl all kinds of vulgarities but no, because no matter what car you drive, no matter how filthy rich you are, you are flawed on the inside.

But I'm going to be better than you, and your business.



*Hehe I know these photos no link to the blog entry or what I'm writing but I really like them and they were taken by a good friend of mine yesterday*

Starting July with a bang and I'm really excited to share some news with you all.

Did my last gig there with Leo yesterday and posted it all up on IG stories because #hopinggoodmemoriesneverfade HAHA
(yes I downloaded it allπŸ˜‚)

 While driving home yesterday, I can't help but feel everything

I don't really enjoy singing English songs anyway and am more than excited about my upcoming plans/gigs/everything.

Life isn't too bad for me after all πŸ˜Š

That was supposed to be a twist sign there HAHA
 So here goes, an update for upcoming gigs next week & plans :

‼️Upcoming gigs‼️

2nd July 2017/3rd July 2017 
New "Live Streaming" App :
Soft Launch

9pm-10pm Live Streaming Broadcast

This works like just like Bigo!
Just simply download the app and watch me stream or sing live!
(I will be giving away a pair of free movie tickets during my Live Streaming broadcast so do stay tuned!)



4th July 2017 TUESDAY :

Catch me sing LIVE!

at SWITCH by Timbre


5th July 2017 WEDNESDAY :

Catch me sing LIVE!

at Stage @ 60 Princep Street


7th July 2017 FRIDAY :

Catch me sing LIVE!

at SWITCH by Timbre


Hehe that's all folks!

Am working on a new cover that will be posted next week - I'm excited!

In the meantime, help me decide which lippie looks better on me?

Black or Purple? πŸ’‹


(T&Cs apply)

All you have to do is :

1️⃣ Leave a comment below with your email and tell me which colour looks better on me - black or purple πŸ˜‹

2️⃣ Follow me on Instagram & Like my Facebook Page to stand a better chance of winning!

Contest opens to those residing in SG only.
One winner on the blog & one winner on my instagram.
Results will be announced in a week!


Thanks for reading all!

Have a good weekend ahead! ❤️️

With love,


  1. Purple!

  2. Hi aggy! You look great in the purple lippie! It isnt too wild and yet still has a tinge of sweetness to it! Looks great on you!:)
    My email is :

    Thank you!

    1. Hello! so sorry for the late reply, you have been selected to win this giveaway! please kindly drop me an email to claim your prize! <3