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Recently thinking a lot on the many things that have been happening in my life - like a reflection or some sort.

I sometimes can't help but blame myself over and over about certain choices I've made, certain people that I trusted, the people that hurt me and the ones I've hurt.

Sometimes I just wish that my brain is stronger than my heart to tell me to stop, to go;
To control how I feel entirely and not be sad or happy because of how the people I care about are part and parcel of it.

"Why can’t humans have their own traffic lights to avoid unnecessary events they do not want to happen? 
Like falling unexpectedly and hurting someone, or worse, hurting yourself deeply in the process?"

"How ironic it is to be caught off guard of your own emotions that when it suddenly hits you, you have no other choice but to acknowledge it even if you don’t want it, and even if you know it would hurt you in the end.

We all have the choice to stop or go, but emotions? 
They refused to be controlled."

 Sometimes it confuses me.
Should I trust my instinct? 
Should I follow what my heart wants or what the brain tells me to?

I'm worried and scared about the wrongful paths that I might take that might bring me to a dead end, or worst, take me somewhere unfamiliar and unknown and so hard to get out of.

Is this road long, lonely and most importantly, wrong?

Top : Bangkok / Shorts : H&M / Accessories : Shopee Sg

 Will I be happy?
Will my heart be happy??


With love,

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