My 2 month weight-loss journey

Hi all!👋

So sorry this blog entry took quite a while to be up because I really wanted to push myself to the maximum for the best results before I share everything I wanted to with you all!

So let me just start with the reasons why I wanted to go through a weight-loss journey...

This photo was taken approximately 2 months back during the Laneige Water Beauty Road event 2017.
It is unedited, raw, and yes I was like a balloon.
I was swelling with water retention and my weight was 50kg.

I am quite upset when I saw this photo because I used to really take a lot of effort/pride in trying to maintain my body and looks but I admit to have slackened down a lot ever since I started working in the nightlife scene.

I consumed alcohol on a daily basis and I had supper late at night after work (sometimes about 4am-5am).

After I quit my job in the nightlife scene, all I wanted was so go back to how I was before - strong, fit and healthy.

I would starve myself everyday just to try to lose the weight but it just didn't help much.
And so I decided to come up with a plan for myself to work hard to get back into shape.

Fast forward to 2 months later...

This photo was taken on Saturday (approx 3 days ago), unedited, just brightened and sharpened.

I am weighing 45kg now (which means I lost 5kgs) and I am really happy to see results just by comparing the photos before and after. 😄

Putting these photos together.....


Okay before I go on, DON'T GET ME WRONG.

I know I am petite and I was never overweight, but I seriously just wanted to lose the weight because I weighed 45kg well before I started working in nightlife and I was fit and healthy.

I felt strong and I simply wanted to go back to how I was before.
I knew it was not easy because as we age metabolism slows down and fats accumulation in the body is much easier.

I really simply wanted to have a healthier-looking body, with better self confidence and also of course be stronger than before.


So now let me just go through steps by steps how I did it :

 Yes seriously.

I wanted to flush out the toxins in my body so definitely I need to start by drinking tons of water everyday.
I made sure I drank at least 2 litres of water everyday just to make sure my urine is clear and food gets digested by my system everyday.

Plus, drinking water is actually quite a therapeutic thing, no?
It actually makes me feel healthier like hydrating myself, my body and my skin.


I'm not crazy or what (hahaha) but if you have been following me all these while you would know that I am a huge fan of running and I used to run a lot.

I slacked off once I started my nightlife job but I'm glad to say I'm back on track now.

My weekly exercise regime consists of :

Monday / Wednesday / Friday - Running at least 3km + 70-100 squats + 2 minutes of planking

Tuesday / Thursday / Saturday - Pilates (Core/Strength exercises) + 70-100 squats + 2 minutes of planking

Sunday - Rest Day

I love exercising because it makes me feel empowered and strong.
It clears my mind when I run and when I can run that extra bit more it actually gives me more motivation to do more next time.

To motivate myself I try to set my iPad wallpapers to some inspirational quotes to get myself fired up and to maintain my daily exercise regime. such.

It helps I swear.
I feel guilty whenever I wanna take a break after seeing these on my screen HAHA

I must really thank Nu Reflections for introducing to me the LPG treatment and Lipo Cryo treatment respectively.

Both works hand-in-hand to help solve my body problems -

LPG treatment

The LPG Endermolab lipomassage treatment is safe and absolutely no-pain treatment is very effective at treating cellulite in all areas, saddlebags, loose sagging skin, & localized fat.

So what happens is that you have to wear this "space-suit" and just lie down while the therapist use the machine to induce a deep massage which helps increase circulation of both blood and lymphatic by 200% in your body (manual massage increases circulation by 60%) and this helps expel toxins and any abnormal fluid build up. 

The skin’s structural connective fibres are stretched and restored resulting in a smoother, firmer and more refined shape.

Can you see my thighs and calves literally shrunk in size right after the treatment?! AMAZING RIGHT?!?

I personally love the LPG treatment A LOT because after the treatment (which lasts about 45minutes), results are always immediate and I really will feel like drinking LOADS of water.

And it is essential to drink loads of water after the treatment as the LPG treatment removes water/toxins buildup in your body so it's important to replenish your body with water right after that!

Lipo Cryo treatment

Lip Cryo (Cryolipolysis) is a medical treatment used to destroy fat cells. 

It relies on controlled cooling to a temperature of +5 to −5 °C for the non-invasive localized reduction of fat deposits in order to reshape body contours. 

The exposure to cooling is set so that it causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue without apparent damage to the overlying skin and this procedure is a great non-surgical alternative to liposuction.

I always notice a firmer and toner look right after my Lipo Cryo treatment.
It's not too cold and it is bearable.

If you experience any discomfort it's best to let the therapist know so that adjustments can be made!

For more info do visit :

or call to book your appointment @ 6235 0555

Well it doesn't matter how much you workout or how many treatments you go to if you don't watch your diet, right?


Okay I admit I'm not a saint when it comes to this part - there are days I just want to indulge in ice creams or Mcdonald's or wishing it's raining Kinder Buenos but those are just one of THOSE DAYS.

Most of the time I know I had to watch what I eat or drink and so I like to plan my meals ahead.

At the initial stage of this journey I admit I was much stricter.

An example of my daily meals is :

Breakfast - Black tea / Low-fat Coffee + Special K Cereal (1 bowl) + 1 fruit (apple/peach)

Lunch - I kinda allow myself to eat anything during lunch but not too much carbs/avoiding fried stuffs or I try to just eat until I feel full instead of aiming to finish my food.

Dinner - Soup or Salad (Lettuce/Honey Tomatoes/2 Eggs)

This above is when I was stricter to myself.
Now I admit if I'm not hungry I can tend to forget my meals which is not good, but I try to eat small bites or healthy snacks when I do feel hungry throughout the day - sometimes I can get really busy you know! 😜

 I swear by this.
It's the best way to reduce my weight IMO because maybe my body doesn't metabolise the alcohol so well and it gets absorbed into my body instead of expelling it -.-

I do drink now and then but I try to avoid drinking when I can.
If you drink on a daily basis, try to cut down on alcohol consumption and see if it helps in weight-loss!

This is one of the best examples of how my breakfast looks like on most days.

Containing some of the best fat-busting ingredients, the Lennox Garcinia Cambogia Chrysanthemum Tea not only blocks fat absorption, but also makes you feel fuller so that you can eat lesser.

And it works!!

I do feel an increase in my body's metabolism and it's just tea.. it doesn't cause any side effects for me and it's not of any hassle for me since I just drink this while having my breakfast every morning!

And and and....


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Yes seriously, take small steps at a time.

For me it took me a good 2 months to lose 5 kgs by simply eating healthier, switching my life back to it's normal routine, exercising and etc.

You have to know what your goals are - are you trying to lose weight look like how you were before when you felt healthier/stronger?

Or are you aiming to look like a super model or someone else? (not very practical)

Give it a good thought on what your aims/goals are and be sure to make changes that are attainable and reachable in steps - it should be a process that you ENJOY too not causing any stress or misery to yourself.

Give yourself some days to cheat (but not binge!) and on "normal" days just eat healthier - you will start to notice it's not so difficult to have a control over your diet/appetite after all.

I feel good, fit and healthier now.
Everyone deserves to feel this way, including YOU!

Now won't you kickstart this by simply joining the giveaway contest for the Lennox Tea? 😉

All the best everyone, and thank you for reading this!



  1. Hi aggy, I would love to try out the tea! I love drinking teas and also have been trying to shed some weight. I too managed to lose 5kg in 2 months. Still trying to lose more. Oh yes ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia!

    I follow you on instagram too, my handle is @eforeileen. Email is

    Hope to win this! :) Great job on the weight lost and healthy lifestyle :)

    1. Hello! please email me at to claim your prize, thank you!

  2. the very main ingredient in that tea is GARCINIA CAMBOGIA. magic weight loss product

    1. Hello! please email me at to claim your prize, thank you!

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