Life recently?


I'm just going to do this in point form because to be honest, eversince I'm back from Vietnam my life has been pretty stagnant.

I was battling with some serious self-confidence issues because I gained some weight and got my hair cut shorter but it's all cool now because :

(1) I have long hair now 
Haha I had hair extensions done (a non-conventional & extremely expensive type lol) which I highly won't recommend because till today I can't believe the amount of money I spent on it...
But don't get me wrong - I love it & how natural it is & that it is of real hair so quite worth it la🤷😜

(2) Am going through a 1 month weight loss journey

It's about time, right?

The haters are going onto my live streams calling me names and acting all childish but hey that's not enough to bring me down because...

You just made me so much more determined bitchhhhhh


I was sick the entire of last week & didn't manage to work out much BUT I had the discipline to go on a 3-day juice cleanse...

Saw Winter today and she commented I slimmed down (so I think I really did and it helps?!)

Swear I didn't edit this, ask @winterchee if you don't believe me

But anyhoos, I will be updating on my weight loss journey (and why) by the end of next week so more on that later!

(3) I love my job
Rarely people get paid to do what they love and I'm thankful that I am one of them.

Thankful for the lovely colleagues and wonderful bosses/management at Drink Culture and not forgetting those of you who came down to support me or to watch my live stream every single day.

I'm singing at Drink Culture every Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday 8-11pm with many other talented singers/instrumentalists so do catch us live there!

(4) Did a model casting for TACT 

Don't get me wrong - I will still be working on and designing and no way I'm giving up on this baby.
The reason why I'm looking for a new face is because I understand how much more I can do if I were to direct everything instead and be there to take care of the every little details instead.

I will still (hopefully) appear in certain shoots and/or lookbook shots but till then.. we actually already selected our new face from the model casting already, just waiting for her to be back from overseas so we can kickstart everything!

We've launched anyway, do check out the new arrivals!

(5) I have so many exciting things to share with you all!
Okay seriously, recently I'm hooked on the teeth whitening thing and I actually tried different options and ways to experiment and see which works the best for me.
Am going to do a video on this so stay with me!

I also have been doing some body treatments with NU REFLECTIONS Medical Aesthetics and it will be included in depth in my weight loss journey blog entry so wait for that too!

I might be doing an eye surgery soon which I will be documenting my entire journey including the start till the end and my recovery, but this has to be finalised by the end of next week so I will update this space again to share the good news with you all soonest I can!👌

5. I strongly believe Avril Lavigne is not dead yet 

Lol sorry I had to. 😂

This was literally the talking point during my tea/chit-chat session today with Winter and I got so hyped up I did some crazy batshit CSI stuffs at home..

So obsessed I actually did a pic comparison of her in 2002 and 2017.
The set of teeth is the same so she must be alive la.
And I believe there isn't a double and it's just her her her.

But then stupid bae had to burst my bubble with this reply, 
"But teeth can be veneers ma..."


But anyway my complicated 女神 is not dead la.
She must not be.


Alright that's all folks guys!
Thanks for reading and always sticking around.💋
You all are the best! 😍

With love,


  1. Haha, babe, you really really don't need to lose any weight! You look super good already! Good luck for everything that you're doing now!!