My Everyday Makeup Routine (Updated)

Because we need to evolve..... right? :P

And I think you all deserve to know some of the best beauty products (in my humble opinion) around - the few that I really trust in creating the everyday makeup look that I wear!

My everyday makeup look is one that looks presentable yet not too over the top.
I love very sheer colours, especially to be applied on the lips and cheeks :D

 My bare-face.
Literally "Zero" (before) to "Hero" (after).
Makeup reallly does do wonders!

Experiencing with this close up shots for my eye makeup.
Better right?
But my skin better be good and I'm sorry if you notice that few strands of excess brow hairs on my brow bone area :X

 Super in LOVE with this blusher - look at the sheer pink shade!  

 "Tearing" out my lip tint... WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS ?! xD

 Woo, done! 
In about 10 minutes :D

 Blowing you guys a kiss!

Yup, no kidding!


This video features the type of contact lenses I use and where to buy them, the answer to making makeup last longer, the perfect base makeup and where to get it, the right kinds of brushes to use, as well as the whole lot of products that I truly adore from the day I laid my hands on each of them!

Full video :


I really do enjoy making tutorial videos, just that it does take a lot of time and effort.. 
I'm trying to be extra hardworking to make things better.

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I promise to do better!  

 Thank you for your constant love and support.
I don't know what to do without you all 

With love,

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