Choices x Second chances;

Over these few days I've been thinking hard; what I want, what I need.

High-tea with Mummy last saturday helped.
She asked, "What is more important to you right now? Have you considered?"

Lunch with one of my closest friends yesterday made me believe a little more, trust a little more and have a little more faith in none other than myself.

Sometimes too much of something is not really a good thing.
It's not what I like to do anymore.
I find it hard to concentrate on the things I love, or rather, enjoying the things I love.

Too much of anything kills a passion.
Well, at least to me.

After thinking it through, I've come to a decision.
Maybe it might not be as perfect as it might seem to be, but I'm just going to take the risk - not giving up.
I need to grow, I need to climb higher, I need to prove that I can be better;
Prove to those that mocked at me, criticised me;
Prove to myself that I should have never doubted myself, and I can, I will.

The month of May started beautifully with so much hopes, so much opportunities.
Nothing is perfect and nothing ever will; 
But as long as there is passion, the fire will keep burning.

Sorry in advance, to any disappointments.
Thank you in advance, for the upcoming opportunities.

I promise to try, I promise to do my best, I promise to never give up.
I am my choices, and I will make this one count.
Because the best gift in life is a second chance.

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