Flying With Scoot - All You Need To Know About KrisFlyer!

Hola all!

Anyone of you have any holiday plans up your sleeves at the moment?😎

Well, it is the holiday season - but then again, who cares what season it is right?
Travel is all about exploring and exploring knows no seasons!😚
(Although, if you’re planning to go to some country during the typhoon season,
then we might have plan ahead & check the calendar beforehandπŸ˜†)

So at this moment do you have your destination(s) in mind?
Which airlines are you planning to take?

 In today’s entry, I’m going to cut straight to the chase and share with you the kick you can get out of Scoot airlines as a frequent flyer, KrisFlyer.

Firstly, why book Scoot flights
Well, let me take you on a Scoot-journey.πŸ˜‰

What is KrisFlyer?

 So, before you start to book air tickets online with Scoot, let’s get to know them first!
KrisFlyer is a frequent flyer programme run by Singapore Airlines Group. 
Considered as a baby airline from Singapore Airlines, Scoot it is a low-cost carrier but provides 
the best of services in par with its mother airline company. 
With KrisFlyer, you will be entitled to gain various benefits enjoyable to yourself - yes, even 
with Scoot flights!

What does KrisFlyer offer?

 Well, first of all, they give various ways to earn your miles.
Do you know that not only you can earn your miles while you're on air -
you can also earn them while you're on the ground?!😍

Whenever you’re not flying, you can earn your miles by utilising their more than
200-non airline partners services from cards to hotels, car rental companies should
you need a car to move around, telecommunication and more!

 So, many ways to get those miles pumping your flyer privileges!

 Secondly, redemptions does not take forever to get through if you're worried!
I’m no longer just a mile collector, I am a redeemer as well!😎
 (Is that even a word?πŸ˜†)

 Anyways, you can redeem your miles to tickets to over 1,000 destinations in 170 countries, get an upgrade to more premium classes and even pay for your accommodations! 

Basically, KrisFlyer equates to better travel experience!

 Although, there will always be some other frequent flyer programme that provides more perks to it,
but with Scoot, you get to save so much more even without the frequent flyer programme -
imagine how much you’ll be able to save with one! πŸ˜‰

 If like me, you haven’t figured out where to go for the holidays yet - fret not!
There are plenty of popular destinations Scoot can take you there in a jiff - with KrisFlyer,
going to these destinations will surely be a memorable one! ✈

Where to Scoot around?

So...where shall we fly?

 If you’re opting for something Southeast Asia-vibe, you’ll have destinations such as Laos.
I heard Mekong River is to die for!
Not to mention, Laos got one of the most culturally-infested landmarks there is. 

Pic source :

 Maybe you’re not the Southeast Asia traveller type and would love to conquer Europe?
You can hop on Scoot to Berlin!
The city, the scenery, the shopping - everything!

Pic source :

 Looking for the best islands to relax and rejuvenate?
Forget Bali, let’s just go to Honolulu instead!
You can do the hoola-hoola-hoop, drink some coconut drink and enjoy the sunset by their
crystal clear beaches!

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Okay, talking about all of this makes me want to go on a vacation now.

 Later, guys!
Need to find my passport!πŸ˜‰

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