Exactly one week.

Time flies;

its exactly one week before I'm flying off to take a little break from
my hectic working life.

I'm glad I made it over these 3 months.
Sure, it was tough but its worth the effort.
And I hope after the trip it will be even more satisfying.

I'm happy right now (:


Yesterday boy and I met this sick old man.
That idiot tried to snap pictures (or even a video) of us.
I think he needed the $50 from STOMP pretty badly.

I ran towards him in the end, confronting him.
He held up his phone in my face w/o hesitation telling me in mandarin,
"I didnt take anything."
Guilty conscious much?
I didnt even mention a word about him taking pictures/videos of us.
That arse admitted it himself.

My biggest regret was failing to check his phone.
1) Call the police and kick up a big fuss
2) Slap him
3) Kick him
4) Run after him with a camera in my hands snapping pictures of his idiotic face

1 and 4 seem like better options.

Big regret.


3 more days till my shit job ends.
Cant wait ;)

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