I had my final grade Piano examination just yesterday.
To be frank, I thought I fared badly.
I didnt do up to my expectation, and I think I'm a disappointment.

I forgot how I actually felt before the exam.
I wasnt scared - in fact I think I took it too lightly.

After the exam I just can't help it when tears just started welling up in my eyes.
I cried once I was out the door of the examination venue.

It felt terrible.
There wasnt anyone's arms I could dive into to cry in.
There wasnt anyone around to tell me it's okay.
There wasnt anyone with me physically, to make me feel alright.

I was disappointed I let my ego take over and chose to go alone.
I was disappointed I allow my heart to take over my mind.
I was disappointed with myself.

Then again, its over.
I'm supposed to feel better but the pain is still there and it wouldnt go away.

I felt I disappointed myself, my Mum especially, my Dad and my piano teacher.
Can anything make me feel better, before I get my results to face the truth?

I hope I can get thru this.


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