Colours and promises;

So many happened in just one week.

Boy POP-ed.
So proud of him.
And to add on, he got into the vocation he wanted. (:

Enjoyed the block leave so far with him. (:

Coolest lock EVER i swear


Wanted to head to Bird Park but kept cancelling our plans.
At this rate I doubt we can ever go.

Photoshoot with Nat on Wed.
So glad to be of some help to her.
Hopefully everything is going as smoothly on her side like how I hoped.

I like the following pictures!

And...well.. the parrot.


Has been quite manageable so far.
Prolly I have just started.

But frankly looking at my schedule from next week onwards I guess I might just die of fatigue.
Okay luh not that bad I'm just exaggerating.


Also managed to squeeze out a little time last week to meet my favourite 美女

Really thankful for a friend like you.
Even though our ages might be quite a gap apart but I'm more than elated to know that
we are able to actually communicate well! (:

Our WILD HONEY date next! ;)


Just a random picture to share hehe.
I was so hooked up into The Sims Freeplay recently.
Made two of my "friends" inside it have a little nap together on the sofa.
Cute or what!

Okay looks quite gay - that's the whole point cos you cant really do that irl. ;p


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