Mood : Cranky

The weather is such a bitch recently.
And I'm feeling so cranky.
I guess "Auntie" is coming to me soon.. zzzz

Will be meeting quite a number of lovelies next week.
Kinda missed all my friends. (:
I'm so happy and excited with all the dates!

Looking forward ;)


A good thing to update :


Fixed both up with boy's help and I'm really loving them (:

Thank you :')


The more I think and ponder about it the more unfair I feel.
Why must you always go against me, everything I say or do?
Do you even appreciate my help sometimes?
Or do you even feel my presence?

I really wish out sometimes.


Your love's a permanent distraction, a perfect interaction
a feeling so extreme
I lost my appetite to eat, and I barely get to sleep
Cause you're even in my dreams
And I thought that I was strong but I knew that all along,
this was out of my control
So I fell into your hands, and i don't know where we'll land,
I'm just going with the flow

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