February 2012 already.

How time flies.
It's feb already, CNY zoomed past like a wind.

I've had a great CNY, what about all of you my friends?


Have been so busy recently.
I have officially 25 classes to manage per week now, and 8 individual students.
Crazy much?

Have to wake up everyday at 6am or 6.30am, drag myself out of the bed and get to the schools to start lessons.

But I kinda like this.
At least I'm doing things that I love, not so bad afterall. (:

If you're curious, check out my fb for pics on the kids! Hehehe


What's next to expect?
I guess it means some new furniture (weeeee!) and perhaps a new puppy? :D

Babyboy and I was thinking of getting a FAT JRT.

Cute right!!
Not too hairy also.
And quite small I guess!


Tell you all a secret k.
Today I didnt go for Theory lessons. :[
Bad hoh.

Meeting the ladies later!


It's always you; it has to be.

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