Cannot wait for weekends.

I'm so dreading this week.
The work.
The period.

Exhaustment, moodswings, loss of appetite and crazy workload are all killing me.
I need my weekend.

On a lighter note I bought 2 pairs of babies to add to my heels collection.
I need another column to my display rack hehehe.


Saturday was a hangout day with the guys.
Been months since I've last seen them.
They've changed.

Fitter and better looking. ;p
Army is a turning point uh I guess? (:

Chilled out through the night and headed home at around 1am.
Good night together guys!
Another time soon kay? (:


Other than this nothing else is good I guess.
Maybe except for the fact I passed my BTT?

I'm quite eager to get my PDL to learn driving now.
Hopefully I can get everything settled next week!


Yesterday was the last class for 3Courage.
My fav fav fav class at NVPS.
I will miss those kids :'(

Will post a vid on them playing! Check it out on fb! (:

Gotta go.
Ciaos peeoople.


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