Weekends are like fairytales.

Last week work was hectic but seriously my weekends were crazy and I enjoyed #likeaboss hehehe.

Friday after work was Boy's 21st birthday celebration.
Kinda crazy judging from the number of people who attended.

At first I kinda regretted that I chose not to celebrate my 21st.
But after all the plans that are awaiting me... naahhh its worth it! (:


Anddd.....Saturday was Sentosa day! (:

Drew this on his face while he was sleeping. :D

Bought a big bag of snacks (omnomnom) and 3 bottles of water there.
Hehehe #kiasu

Was lying on the beach under the coconut tree...until the rain came.


The Sun was scorching hot the few days back and just when I'm at Sentosa it started to rain?
Nice job clouds.


So we just hid under some pavilion to chill.
Some school was having their orientation/games day so it was so darn noisy and irritating.
Must be some JC or Church group thing.

So after a little while the rain stopped.
And boy and I just decided to chill at Azzura Beach Bar instead.
It was fawesomenesssss!

Hehe we love the foam pool thingy :D

And afterthat......DINNER AT SAIZERIYA (:

Ate alot.
Really a hell lot and the bill came up to only $30+ - $40?
Ordered a hamburger steak platter, a Gratin, a soup, a foccacia, 4pcs chicken wings, a spinach side dish, oven-baked escargots and a pizza.

Full until wanna baozha :/

And Sunday, photoshoot.

Boy acc-ed me there and it was hectic but fun.
Had enjoyed doing the shoot with Naomi Neo as my partner.
Will share the link once the collection is out alright? (:



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