For he is...

the one whom never fails to make me smile no matter what.
the one whom never fails to fetch me to and fro all of my classes whenever he can/time allows.
the one who never ever gave up on me.
the one who stays up a little late to prepare our little puppy for a clean and comfortable sleep.
the one who always makes me laugh after a long day at work.
the one whom buy little snacks for me to make me a little happier.
the one who never judges me and stood by me in whatever I do.
the one who tells me how beautiful I am even when I feel inferior and ugly at times.
the one who knows how to deal with my emotions/character the right way without hurting me.
the one who helps to solve our problems in a mature way.
the one who tells me he loves me every single day.

For all these, and much more, I love him.

He brought me to sky-dining in Bangkok last week when we celebrated our 1st yr together.
Over dinner he handed me a card.
His voice was quivering while he made his little speech as he looked me in the eyes.
I couldnt feel my heart when he held out a little box and said the four big words to me,

"Will you marry me?"

I said yes. (:

Yes a million, zillion times, for this little witty plan that he came up with to propose, for the place and scenery was perfect along with a very special day too.

And yes, for we've been through so much.

Yes we are young but I'm sure we will learn and do fine as a young and happy couple.

Thank you for everything Mr Alex Choo.
I'm so proud to have you in my life <3

Hehe and...

I'm officially engaged, Mrs Choo-to-be! <:

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