How is this suppose to be like?

I can't believe I took off from work yesterday suddenly; I just couldnt take it anymore.

The migraines, the stress, the tiredness, the arggghhh everything.

I really dont think I have enough space to rant how much I have yet to do (yet have time to blog here heh heh ironically) but aye...okay I'm gonna get down to work once I'm done with this k.

Weekend was quite eventful.
SPA RETREAT with the hub and followed by a very painful massage T.T

Haha this idiot was FLEXING HIS MUSCLES (or rather trying to) and keep saying to me, "eh I look like Japanese right?" zzzzzz

Then home after and off to hub's flight gathering.
Was nomming away like a pig (but mostly took a bite out of everything and threw the rest to the man as usual...haha :P)

Hub's colleague's mini pug, HULK! (the name so cute right hehe)

Sunday was Cookie's training and I am so amused each time I asked him to "down" with my hand action and tone and he really went flat down on the ground (most of the time I'm quite lucky with this).

:D Love this boy (':

My #ootd - fav pullover for the rainy rainy day (:

Haha :(

Time to practice some.... Chopin.
Regretting choosing a Romantic period piece over a Classical one cos I need to really digest the song so well to express it with suitable emotions to fit the song.

:'( Really is 自找麻煩 :((((


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