Party people

Yesterday was awesome.
Just awesome.

Despite having a rough couple of days, I guess I managed to fix my mood back.
Maybe I'm trying to be stronger now?
Or maybe I know at least I'm trying, so at least if shit happens again I guess I will never have regrets that I've tried and put up a good fight.



Had damn good Bimbimbap (spelt this way?) with him.
And yes I mean it, DAMN GOOD. :D

Watched Ah Boys to Men with the guys before clubbing.

I thought the movie was one of the best so far I've seen from Jack Neo's production team.
It kinda showed army in the point of view of the NS men and also the point of view from parents/family towards army.
I must say I'm impressed and I can't wait for Part 2. (:

Rushed down to meet the girlies after for Zirca.
Really really did not regret going - it's been so damn long since I partied and had so much fun like that.

Drank and we puked like mad before going in.
But what's club without drinks? ;)

Only photo I managed to take lol


Some overdue pictures from last Sunday when we brought Cookieboy out for a dog-day-out. (:

And lastly...

so amazed this boy actually watches and likes JURASSIC PARK hahaha

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