Hi Feb.

It's the start of a happy happy month!
Well maybe for me ;)

After CNY it will be Valentine's Day, and then probably the most exciting trip of our relationship to date, to TAIWAN! :D

Can't wait to get wedding planning started (Meeting our wedding planner tomorrow yay) and everything to fall into place :>


Cheesy as this might be, this word is easy to pronounce and say, but really hard to adhere, especially when we get so tied up with our lives,
career, and every responsibility we have.

People leave and die every day, but honestly, it is true that we won't and don't know what might happen tomorrow.

We get to live to see another day, to see our loved ones safe and sound and happy, and to spend precious times with them.
It's important to cherish, to be thankful, to be happy with what we already have.

I have to admit, sometimes, I'm one of those people who whines a lot, saying that nothing is good for me, thinking that I'm constantly out of luck.
And people around me will have to suffer through my chain of torturous emotional roller-coaster rides but still, nonetheless, are there for me.

One of them, is you.

The one who tolerated many of my "moments" (hahaha) and the one who have been through all the highs and lows with me.
Thinking back, we have really gone through so much that makes it all impossible for us to ever say goodbye.

I love you, Cookie's 'Daddy', my pillar of strength, my happiness, my sunshine, my fiancé.
I've never regretted saying yes and I really can't wait and am ecstatic to start our wedding planning.

Love you (:

till then -

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