This post is going to be long winded filled with photos.
Pictures are all dated back from approximately a month ago. :O

From the most recent events to the least..

Valentines' Day celebration yesterday with the future hubby <3
It was indeed short, simple and sweet.
Received the biggest bouquet of roses ever and its beautiful :')
We had Bakkutteh for dinner + Salted Caramel icecream thereafter.
No hole in the pocket/damage done to the wallet on such a special day. :D
Happy night overall! (:

CNY Day 4
Friends came over for a day of reunion and fun (:
+ Camwhore with the boy :P

CNY Day 3
Godma's house | Steamboat @ Crest's house (Thanks to Crest baby for being such an awesome host!)

CNY Day 2
Best day/night of the CNY celebrations so far!
Grandma's house | Movie date with Baby's family | Galaxy at night w Ling and Baby's friends

CNY Day 1
My #ootd and Cookie's #ootd!
Picture with the future hubby (:
Cookie looking stupid in the car's boot hahaha

Reunion dinner with the family!
Not forgetting pictures with my favourite cousins <3

Went to Cheng's house for a impromptu steamboat dinner.
The day when Cookie meets Brownie, again! (:

Flea market day and some random outing day with the big and small boy.
Thanks to both of them for accompanying me for the suuuuuuper long day :D
My big baby bought me a helium balloon and put it in the car, shocking me -.- : A pleasant surprise though :P

Met up with BoonSin love, and she got me a Longchamp pencil case from Paris <3
Treated her to a Birthday meal at Cedele, our usual hangout (:


Almost every photo I have now consists of you.
Love you my Superhero, always (:

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