Baby's birthday, our staycations, Cookie's birthday, my birthday celebrations + Misc


Very long time no see!

Havent been blogging about what has been happening in my life after Taiwan trip because I'm just super duper busy everyday.

Just a quick summary of what happened over this... month. :p

1) Baby's birthday and staycation at Studio M hotel.

Gave him a surprise by baking him a birthday cake from scratch. (:


Nice right hehe
But the stupid Redoro lou feng in the end. :(

But I'm glad he liked it. (He said so!)

The following days we celebrated his birthday at Studio M hotel.
Quite a cozy hotel (:
But my stupid pair of eyes had to ruin my perfect staycation by suddenly turning sore.

But here I give you.... STUDIO M HOTEL!


Visited the Adventure Cove Park at Sentosa! (:

Celebrated Baby's birthday with his friends @ Shuffle. (:

Group shot 1 (:

Group shot 2 (:

Drinking session afterwards

The guys (:
Normal shot

The guys (:
Funny shot lol

2) Cookie's birthday! (:

Show you all my cute 1 year old baby first ahahahaha

His birthday pupcakes (:

Went to Botanical Gardens to celebrate his birthday.
He got so excited seeing the other dogs -.-

4) My 22nd birthday (:

Did some shopping at SEPHORA to get myself some goodies for my birthday (:


With the uncle Choo

And coming home to this face <3

Had my birthday Staycation at Holiday Inn Havelock Rd which unfortunately I did not take any pictures. :(
Their breakfast spread is quite awesome compared to other hotels in SG.

The sweet man took me out to have Carousel high-tea buffet the weekend of my birthday during our staycation.
The food isnt fabulous, in fact I was quite disappointed. The service was commendable though.

Celebrated my 22nd birthday with :

1) Baby
2) My parents
3) The cousin and her fiance
4) The girlfriends
5) My mentor and good friend

Felt really touched and loved by all of you.
Thank you all for all the planning, the effort and also the time out to meet me.

muacks :')

My birthday #ootd (:

Birthday brunch with baby at Wild Honey Scotts Sq

Birthday dinner with my parents and baby <3 @ Bliss Restaurant

Birthday dinner with my lovely cousin and her fiance @ P.S. Cafe

Shot of cookie wearing the top Ling bought for him at BKK (:

With my fav bitch/slut friend @tansongwei_ (:
Have missed you buddy! Thanks for meeting me even only for 10 mins :')

♥♥♥That's about all ♥♥♥

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