New house, best girlfriend, and my irresistable dog♡

Hai ho!

I have been super duper super(yup thats right) busy for the past few weeks and days.
Busy having fun, with my gown fitting, settling new house issues, meeting friends and working.

Bought some new furniture for the house.
Wouldn't give away what is the theme of my house yet but... here is a picture of the furniture we bought.

Can you guess? ;)


And have been partying hard and having fun with the girlies especially my Ms HOT.

And not forgetting her buying me things to spoil me again :p

Couple mugs for Mr Choo and I


Muacks feel so loved *inserts heart eyes smiley*


Some random dates with the hubby<3>

Love this random #ootd shot

Some shot of the hubby lying on me. I can't resist and made this ta-da

And a random picture of my favourite gummy bears which totally completes my life \m/


Wedding gown fitting for the photoshoot!

My favourite gown out of all the 3 that I have chosen <3 br="">

And my new bridesmaid dress, along with the mint green one!
Super happy about this :D
I'm more excited than my bridesmaids to see them wear this hahahaha


Lastly my irresistable dog : COOKIE :D




Cookie and I on some lazy afternoon ;)


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