1.32am, feeling loved;

Can't seem to sleep.
Too excited about the fact that the 老公 is taking me out for breakfast for both days of the weekend.
And best part is we will be in Kukup island the next weekend with the Eu family (my mother side of the family).

Happy day today.
Best part was eating fishball noodles with you at a squeasy corner at our usual supper spot
and as usual you talk about work and your new Pokemon game/show and you being so excited and into it.
I wasn't really listening to the content(as usual) - I was more interested in the tone of your voice and feeling giggly and happy at your boyish excitement.
For that instance you put your arms around me pulling me closer and cheek-nudged me. Felt myself blush a little and grateful you are here with me.
Don't think I can ever get enough of you, your love, and your cheeky boyish self.

I love you hubby/阿宝/老公 <3 :)

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