Went for a hair-cut and colouring yesterday at the salon, and I'm super happy with my choice of hair-cut and colour.

Dyed my hair ash brown and have gotten bangs.
I was like 17 when I last had bangs? It was a terrible idea, catastrophic even (super exaggerative I know).

I don't wanna go dig out any pics from the past to remind myself how horrible it was so feel free to search my archives if you want to :)

Anyway I didn't really expect my bangs would turn out fabulous, but I tried it anyway as I really wanted a change but I want to keep my hair length.



How did I fare?
Do you like it?

I love it, as I've been showing too much forehead (looking back at my Instagram photos hahaha) and it's time to add some curtains ;)

Wouldn't share my hair salon here for now as I'm not super happy with my hairdresser even when she's doing a great job but honestly each time I go visit this salon and asked for her, she looked as though I owed her tons of money since my past life, so ya.
Until I find another hairdresser that's willing to maintain a good client-stylist relationship, I won't tell about my hair salon.

Today I am another year older and weeeee I'm happy.
Let me have fun before I blog again about house/wedding/honeymoon


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