One of the best days ever -

1) Photoshoot in the morning with one of my really good friend, and made a few new friends too ^^
Can't wait for the collection to launch... Will share soon on some of the sponsored pieces that is so awfully pretty you cannot not have one in your wardrobe.

2) Had DIMSUM (yayyyyyy) for lunch as we were so crazy hungry.
Especially me. :(
But so sad no CHAR SIEW SU :'(((((((((((((((((

3) Movie at night (: Finally got to go out on a proper date after a week :D

Some behind-the-scene shots...

and my oh-so-fine looking black Litas that I bought today for.... $25 :D

Photo credit to source

Cookieboy sun-tanning..

Acting SWAG hehehe (and I MAX love my daisy earrings)

okay bye for now (:

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