The top 5 everyday products I cannot live without :D


Been a few days since I blogged :D

So today shall be another "help-out" post for all the ladies(or even gentlemen) out there.

What are the top 5 everyday products I cannot live without?
Most of you might be thinking, "Aiya confirm all 5 of them are makeup products."

Sorry no.
Only 1 is actually :D

What do I consider in as the top 5?

- At least to me. I'm not the rich kind or the kind that is willing to spend $hundreds on everyday products.

Cancelled out the widely because ironically there one of the top 5 products I use everyday that is not available in SG :(
But at least the others are!

3) MUST BE COMPATIBLE WITH MY SKIN TYPE (I.e. Doesnt break me out)
This one makes absolute sense and I guess I do not need to explain much on this ya? :)

The products I am going to introduce are fabulous.
I mean it.

I've been going around trying all sorts of products and screwing up my own complexion during my teenage years and I must say teenagers nowadays are so lucky, you get to read all sorts of reviews, compare this and that online, etc.
There was during my time but not so much and these fabulous products are mostly only available in these recent years :(

I will be sharing with you all the products' names, the price in SGD and probably where to get it, and ratings are out of 5 hearts♥.

Okay okay without any futher ado, let me present to you MY TOP 5 :



This was introduced to me by one of my acquaintances.
When I first tried it, it was alright.

On my second try, I tried using a little of it and lathered with a bit of water and I was pretty impressed with how much foam it came up with.
After washing my face it feels SO DARN CLEAN.
Like colgate white CLEAN :D
(You get what I mean)

I started using it 1.5 years ago and I never changed my facial foam since then.
Cost around S$9.90 in SG Watsons but I got it at $4.90 at Taiwan Watsons (My mum went on an overseas trip and she bought like 10 for me hahahaha)

And trust me when I say one bottle can last me for 2 mths at least! (I use it twice a day :D)
Because like I said, a little really goes a longgggggg way.

HEARTS : ♥♥♥♥♥



No one introduced it to me.
The only reason why I got it was because I really loved the perfect whip facial foam and decided to try my luck on this.
I must say I got quite lucky with this. :D

Two pumps was all I need to rid of all the makeup on my face.
How to use :.

1)Pump two-three pumps of cleansing oil on your hand. DO NOT ADD WATER!
2)Rub the cleansing oil all over your face to dissolve your makeup, make sure to get rid of all makeup including the sides of your nose and your mascara and aiya everything lah hahaha
3)Don't be alarmed if your face has all those white liquid residue, its all your dissolved makeup! Wash clean with water.
4)Double cleanse is the key! Wash the remaining oily residue off your skin with your facial foam.

Cost around S$16.90 or $19.90 in SG Watsons (I can't remember) but I got it at $10.90 at Taiwan Watsons (My mum went on an overseas trip and she also bought like 10 for me hehehe)

One bottle can last me for around 2 mths too!

HEARTS : ♥♥♥♥♥

Two of them are heavenly matched-made together :D



I've got to rave on this one.

What's the one thing we all hate in concealers?

-The ugly CAKEY look when you put the concealers under your eyes to cover your dark eye rings.
-The "FINAL MELTDOWN" at the end of the day when after a day/night of work/partying/dating?
-The CONSTANTLY MIS-MATCHED colours - finding something too light or too dark to suit your skintone?

Credits to source.

I bought this after my frantic search that total up to countless number of YEARS looking for the perfect concealer.
I read many reviews online and compared my concerns which matches well with all the reviews online and I just decided to get this since I was looking for something that doesnt break me out and, minerals, I thought, would do a perfect job.

I remembered when I first got it I was quite sad.
I paid around S$18 with shipping for it (The larger container one, now they only sell in small containers - more on that later).

Why sad?
Because the concealer IS IN POWDER FORM - "KUA KUA KUA?! HOW TO USE?!" -> This was my first thought.
But no eh, it works superb!
I just had to use a small brush, dab in the container to pick up the concealer powder, dab on my problem areas and BLEND LIGHTLY!

I always use it this way :
1) My liquid foundation
3) Loose powder all over to set my makeup

Used it for probably 3-4 years!

They used to sell it in larger containers, now only in small containers :

Credits to source.

Where to get it?
You might want to try ebay but I recently bought from, shipping is quite affordable (around S$4? for reg postage to SG?) and for all you new users might want to key in MLS553 for $5 off your first checkout.

Cost me around S$9 when I got it from iHerb(currently on sales) but some SG online shops do sell it at $12.

I use it around 5 times weekly and a small container can last me 2 months.

HEARTS : ♥♥♥♥♥



How it looks like :

Comparing with me a year ago :

And now :

See the difference? :D

Bought it whilst shopping at Daiso.
I like how the design looks - I assumed it can give me a v-face and the rollers look really convincing to me haha

I use it every night on my face with some whitening serum so at least there's some form of lubricant.
Cost $2 from Daiso!

This one lasts forever (hopefully hehe)

HEARTS : ♥♥♥♥




Love this because it cleans my brushes very well and leaves absolutely no oily residue behind.

Do you know that it is better to wash your makeup brushes at least once very fortnight as there will be bacteria build-up that might cause you to breakout?

I always get many many bottles from DAISO at one shot since it's so cheap ($2 ?!?!)

Cost $2 from Daiso!

One bottle last me 3 washes for all of my brushes (I know I have many brushes, dont judge :X )

HEARTS : ♥♥♥♥


There, you have it, my top 5 products.

What's yours?
Care to share? (:

Any feedback/questions ->

Gotta run!



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