Braces Journey : Tooth extraction Part 1

Hi all!

Had two teeth extracted yesterday as said.

According to my dentist, there is a need for tooth extraction for my teeth to have "space" to shift.
Which make sense as braces are meant for teeth straightening.
I do know of some people who opted for not extracting their teeth for fear of pain.

Quoting from a source from google -

"If your teeth are crowded, you may need to have some of them taken out to make room for the other teeth to move into better positions. Usually an orthodontist will start with the wisdom teeth. If there still isn't enough room, the back bicuspids are usually chosen next. Because your smile must be symmetrical, the same teeth usually must be taken from the top and the bottom."

My dentist told me it is better for me to extract 4 of my tooth so as to achieve better results from teeth shifting from braces.
I extracted two today and will extract another two next week.

Now one side of my mouth feels quite empty and my students all told me I look the same just smile with my mouth closed can already.
(Thanks lor.... -.-" )

Procedure of teeth extraction :
(for all the curious minds alike..)

1) Dentist sits you down and access the teeth to be extracted.

2) Then he starts by injecting LA to numb the area of extraction via your gums.
It might hurt a little for you but it didnt hurt much for me, more like ants bite? I have very very high pain tolerance though.

3) Once he's done numbing the top and bottom part, he extracts your teeth using....

Looks quite scary right.
But tbh there was no pain at all during extraction.
I just feel my mouth swell up but with no sense of touch at all.

4) Teeth extracted and done.
Ta-da! (Warning...disgusting picture of my teeth ahead.)

Okay la not that bad right.
My mum told me to make a necklace out of it lol

Can't wait for the next extraction surgery next week and my braces to be up the following week.

Excited for a perfect smile.

Picture credits to google

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