Braces Journey : Tooth extraction Part 2 + Separators


This entry is going to be about my braces journey, regarding another two of my teeth extraction as well as muthafreakingpainful separators.

I handled the teeth extraction like a pro but not so when it comes to separators.
I felt so proud of myself on the day when I got the separators on and told my friends that it's nothing to me.
Dang I was so freaking wrong when the LA from my teeth extraction wore out.

It was hell yeah painful.
Like sore kinda painful?

To the point I really really really find eating a chore.
I don't feel like even opening my mouth to speak or eat something because it's damn sore.

Especially even when I lightly bite my upper and lower teeth down, whoa the pain.... T.T

What are separators/spacers?

(Quote from google)

"Separators are required before placing orthodontic molar bands. (An orthodontic band is sort of like a ring on your finger.) Since your back teeth are very close together, we will need to create a slight space between your back teeth so the molar band can slide between your molars easily during your band fitting appointment. By placing separators between your back teeth, we can comfortably fit your molar bands at your next appointment.

The separators may feel funny at first, like food is stuck between your teeth. You may even experience some tenderness or sensitivity in the area where the separators are placed. This is an indication that the separators are working and doing their job. This tenderness will only last a few days. Any discomfort or soreness can be relieved with acetaminophen or other non-asparin pain-reliver."

Few days?
I dont believe lor.
The soreness even caused me occasional headaches?
Yup that bad.

And I'm so tired I don't feel like exercising.
Really not an excuse, it's cause I didnt eat much so I'm feeling so lethargic :(

In case you are wondering...

These are separators/spacers -
(The blue band stuffs)

Picture credit to google - don't want to show you disgusting images of my mouth hahahaha

So yup.
They hurt like a bitch.

I'm having my braces on next Wednesday, 2nd July and going to be away for BKK from 15th July.
I'm hoping the braces won't cause too much discomfort to me so that I can eat like a pig in BKK.

Anyone has any ways to help me relieve the separators' pain/soreness or any great ideas what I can eat please do leave me a comment at my ok?


A picture of Cookie and I after my extraction that day...

He's so cute how can you not love him right?

Oh and my........


Eeeeeeee ya whatever hehe


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Braces Journey : Tooth extraction Part 2 + Separators

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